Reading data from JSON file in Angularjs

Hai i am new in Angularjs. I am trying to read data from JSON file, But it returns a strange output. Here is my controller.js file

      console.log("DATA FROM JSON:",$scope.friends);


Here is my services.js file


   return {

            console.log("inside function");
            return [



console output is

0: Object
length: 1
__proto__: Array[0

Please help.

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$http.get returns a promise and you’re returning an array containing that promise.

Do this instead:

.module('', [])
.factory('Friend', function ($http) {
    return {
        get: function () {
            console.log("inside function");
            return $http.get('/api/get.json');

Then use your factory this way:

.module('app.controllers', [''])
.controller('yourCtrl', function ($scope, Friend) {
    Friend.get().then(function (msg) {
        $scope.msg = msg;