Rails tagging and tag list

I saw alot of good tagging plugins but are these plugins really what I want?

I want to: – Tag products, users and news – Search by tags – List all tags like SELECT DISTINCT tag (for a autocomplete tag list and button tags like here on stackoverflow).

I’m thinking of a separated model Tag. What is the best way to do it?

tagging in Rails 3

what would be a good solution for tagging in Rails 3?

Rails tagging solution

I’m looking to add tagging to an application which I’m currently building. Basically it’s a simple quiz system and I want admins who enter the quiz questions to be able to tag them appropriately. Thes

Rails tagging gem that supports tagging a model with other models?

Most Rails tagging gems support tagging an object with arbitrary strings. (In addition to this) I’d like to tag an object with other objects. Imagine I am building a Q&A site for Dog Lovers: I wan

Tagging from Scratch: the Tag Cloud Issue

I’m following the instructions from http://railscasts.com/episodes/382-tagging and building a Tag System from Scratch. Everything are working great but not the tag_cloud helper. It raises database err

Tagging with autocomplete in Rails

My (long, I apologize) question is a follow-on to: How to add tagging with autocomplete to an existing model in Rails? I am using acts-as-taggable-on and rails3-jquery-autocomplete, and trying to set

Unordered list within anchor tag Rails

I am trying to put anchor tag around an unordered list in rails. I can’t find anything online. Is it not possible to do that in rails or is it very trivial and I am missing an obvious thing. I am not

Rails Tagging: Find Tags by number of occurances

I have a fairly simple tagging model in my app. Photo has_many :taggings Photo has_many :tags, :through => :taggings Tag has_many :taggings Tag has_many :photos, :through => :taggings Tagging be

Rails 3 tag_list.each

I have a problem trying to make a list from a acts_as_taggable_on tag_list I have tag list array, and I want to list it so im trying this: <%= proyects.tag_list.each do |tagsx| %> * <%= tags

Django-tagging 2 tag field in same model

I’m using django-tagging. It works fine when I want 1 tag collection for the model. But now i need to use 2 different collections, somehow like this: class Compare(models.Model): title = models.CharFi

how to add a “Tag photo” button to start tagging/ end tagging

I am using the photo tagging script found here http://www.bryantan.info/jquery/5 Very simple code. It works great, but is always in tag enabled mode. How can I implement a button Tag photo, which w


The two most popular plugins (according to Ruby Toolbox) both use two separate models to realize tagging of arbitrary classes. Since your classes seem to be known beforehand, you might get away with using just one. Here are the proper URLs to both plugins for reference: