Possible to clear the LINQPad results window with code?

Using LinqPad, using the extension method Dump(), Console.WriteLine or Debug.Writeline, the values will appear in the results window.

Is there a way to clear this results window during the run of a linqpad script? As an example, I tried Console.Clear() however this throws an exception

Clear Immediate Window from Code in .NET

Is there any way to clear the text that is written to the Immediate Window by Debug.WriteLine function from code-behind? EDIT: public void ClearImmediateWindow() { EnvDTE.DTE refDTE; EnvDTE.Window cu

Clear all interning strings in Linqpad?

How can I clear all interned strings in linqpad? Looking at this example : //var asd=asd; string s = new string(new []{‘a’,’s’,’d’}); Console.WriteLine (string.IsInterned(s)); It always return nul

How to debug the code in Linqpad

Start LINQPad In VS, open Debug -> Attach to Process… Choose LINQPad.exe Set breakpoint in your code called by LINQPad C# code, or write Debugger.Break() in your LINQPad script where you want the

linqpad 4.0 and code only

How can I use linqpad with code only in ef 4. I mean how to reference metadata when there is no edmx file?

LinqPad4 does not show results

I am playing around with LinqPad4. This is my SQL Statement that returns 2 records, my equivalent Linq statement executed successfully, however it does not show any results. select top 2 * from Nums v

Programming a shortcut key to clear the results window in SAS

I’m trying to setup a shortcut key to clear any results from the results window in the base SAS IDE. I know F9 brings up the shortcut window to assign keys. From the ?command box? I can type in dm res

Is it possible to use LinqPad with a code-first model

In the past It’s been easy to set a connection in LinqPad to a custom assembly that had EF model. Linqpad looks for a that is based on System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext which doesn’t exist How (if at

LinqPad Not Returning Results With C# Statements

It’s late, so this must be something stupid. I have LinqPad connected up to my database and cannot seem to get results for the simplest of queries. var q = from app in AppInstances select new { AppId

LINQPad throws NullReferenceException on valid code

I’m reading about C# events and delegates, and I’d like to copy and paste the following code into LINQPad and run it: class Test { public event EventHandler MyEvent { add { Console.WriteLine (add ope

LINQ/LinqPad: same query different results

So we copy and paste the exact same query from LinqPad into our EF 4.3 application, pointed at the exact same database and get a different result. In LinqPad we get 2 records returned. In our applicat


I’ve just added a feature to do this. You can test it out in the latest beta: