Pngyu – A Simple PNG Image File Compression Tool

Pngyu is simple PNG image file compression tool, which can dramatically reduce the picture size.

In general, users would deal with the images uploaded to the site, the most common is the image compression.

Why should we compress images before uploading to the website?

Due to such factors as the webpage opening and loading speed, maintaining the original picture size may occupy too much traffic.

In particular, when the users using the 3G and 4G mobile network that may not be stable, the waiting time for picture loading often takes too much time then get out of the website in advance.

Keeping the image smaller as small as to reduce the server’s data usage and to increase the chances of the user staying on the web.

Of course, there are many ways to reduce the size of the picture, the easiest is to throw into the compression tool, it is best to create a new picture without loss of quality.

Here, will recommend free image compression software to you, that’s Pngyu.

Pngyu is simple PNG image file compression tool.

Pngyu can significantly reduce the picture size and make PNG images without reducing the quality of the picture.

This image compression software both support MacOS and Windows. If you have a lot of photos at hand to deal with, you can consider downloading Pngyu for processing.

The Pngyu uses pngquant as the image compression engine, working with lossy compression, which at the expense of some image quality but at the expense of image size. Pngyu reduces the size of the image typically up to 70% after conversion and preserving the original transparency.

The compressed images are fully compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

Free download: Pngyu