Phone gap, to much javascript?

So for the phonegap/cordova application the I am currently working on I am writing A LOT of javascript, when doing things like importing the scripts there is so much I needed to make an import script instead of adding script tags to the top because it would be inefficient for me as a programmer to add a new script to every single page instead of just adding it to this one.

Now my question is, could I be using to much javascript? Is lets say 20 files of js to much? 500 + lines each (excluding the import script). I can see this increasing in the future as well. So what would you say the maximum should be? Should I be keep the amount of scripts down and just putting it all in one and minifying it etc. Since the js is running straight from the phone that wouldn’t really matter would it?


Whether the script loading doesn’t delay your app loading, IMO it’s ok to have all the code you need to. The fact of separating the script into the files you need will probably make your app slower, but it will improve maintainability and understanding of the app itself (could be for yourself in the future or for another programmers)