Peak counter algorithm

I was searching for some effective peak counter algorithm but couldn’t find one that suits my needs:

  • C-like language (it will be in PHP but I could translate from JS/C/Cpp)
  • Data is not traversable forward
  • Has static thresholds – detects peaks that are over 270 Watts AND those peaks are short so there is also a time restriction.

I already checked here:
Peak signal detection in realtime timeseries data
But that does not seem to be a viable solution for me.

Here is some example data:

Data has following format:

$a = [
    'timestamp' = 1500391300.342
    'power' => 383.87

On this chart there are 14 peaks. So i need algorithm to count them in loop.
Surprisingly each peak can have more than 10 points. Peak is continuous array that keeps filling itself. There is access to at least 100 previous points but there is no access to future data.

I have also prepared Calc (ODC) document with 15 peaks and some example data.
Here it is

So far I have simple algorithm that counts rising slopes but that does not work correctly (because there may be no slope over 270W, it may be divided to 5 points or jump may be too long to count as peak):

if ($previousLog['power'] - $deviceLog['power'] > 270) {

Thanks in advance, any tips could be help.

Simple hysteresis should work:

  1. Find a sample that is above 270W
  2. While sample are above 240W keep track of the largest sample seen,
    and its timestamp
  3. When you find a sample that is below 240W, go back to step 1