Document translation -Collection View – 1.2

Any collection view must have a data source object. This data source object is what your app displays. It can be an object from a data model of your app, or a controller that manages the collection view. The only requirement of the data source is that it must be able to provide the information needed for the collection view, such as how many items it has and what views to use when displaying the items.

AVFoundation-02 resources

AVFoundation is a framework that can be used and used to create time-based audio and video media data. The construction of AVFoundation takes into account the current hardware environment and applications, and its design process is highly dependent on multi-threaded mechanism. Make full use of the advantages of multi-core hardware, and use a large number of block and GCD mechanism, the complex computer process into the background thread running. Hardware acceleration is provided automatically to ensure that the application runs at best on most devices. The framework is designed for 64 bit processors and can leverage all of the advantages of a 64 bit processor.

IOS UIButton selected status switch

UIButton*payBtn = [UIButtonbuttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom]; payBtn.frame=CGRectMake (size.width-24-15,13,24,24); payBtn.tag= J +1; [payBtnsetImage:IMG (@ selectNo) forState:UIControlStateNormal]; [payBtnsetImage:IMG (@ selectNo) forState:UIControlStateHighlighted]; [payBtnsetImage:IMG (@ selectYes) forState:UIControlStateSelected]; [payBtnsetImage:IMG (@ …

Problems encountered on iOS APP’s first lap

Apple is now more and more strict audit, we have two APP at the same time on-line, the code is also used in a set. But one of them was released for the first time, so it refused, and the information was in the picture below. Does it mean paying for it? How did the user come from?. The value needs to be answered. Just OK.

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