openpyxl : data-validation read/write without treatment

I have an excel xlsx file that I want to edit using python script.
I know that openpyxl is not able to treat data-validation but I want just to edit the value of some cells containing data-validation and then save the workbook without editing those data-validation.

For now, when I try to do that, I get an error :

UserWarning: Data Validation extension is not supported and will be

and then my saved file doesn’t contain anymore the data-validation.

Is there a way to tell openpyxl not to remove the data-validation when saving a workbook even if it can’t read it?

To be clear: openpyxl does support data validation as covered by the original OOXML specification. However, since then Microsoft has extended the options for data validation and it these that are not supported. You might be able to adjust the data validation so that it is supported.