Online Free Tutorials and Tools 005: NLP Learning Resources

Here is an online free tutorials and tools list, which includes NLP learning resources, How to parse an Excel spreadsheet with Swift, Clojure Language Getting Started Tutorial… and free tools and resources, such as WebAssembly Studio Online IDE, free themes for Bootstrap, a free online image editor…

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1. Natural Language Processing learning resources

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing is not science, it is applied science. It is an engineering discipline that combines the power of artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and computer science, to “understand” natural language.

Note that Machine Learning and Deep Learning are not NLP. They can be used to solve NLP problems, as much as they can be used to solve a large number of problems not related to natural language processing.

Here is a post collected NLP learning resources, which includes NLP books, Online NLP courses, Websites & social media, NLP libraries and frameworks……

link: monkeylearn (Getting started in Natural Language Processing (NLP))

2. How to parse an Excel spreadsheet with Swift?

This tutorial shows you how to manipulate an Excel spreadsheet using the Swift language. And the author explains the format of Excel, and theoretically, other languages can do the same.

link: desiatov (Easy parsing of Excel spreadsheet format with Swift’s Codable protocols)

3. Clojure Language Getting Started Tutorial

If you want to learn the Clojure language from scratch, you can read this tutorial, which is very detailed.

Table of Contents:

1. Getting to know Clojure
2. Setting up an environment
3. Hello world, Hello REPL!
4. Clojure syntax summarized
5. Symbols
6. Vars & namespaces
7. Functions
8. Metadata
9. Truthiness, conditionals & predicates
10. Data structures
11. Common data manipulation functions
12. Sequences
13. Looping, iteration & recursive processing
14. Common sequence processing functions
15. Destructuring
16. Further reading & references

link: creativeapplications (Introduction to Clojure – the Modern dialect of Lisp)

4. Google Developer Documentation Style Guide

How to write developer documentation?

As a developer, to write a document is a skill that developers must master. However, it’s a skillful job.

If you want to be able to write excellent developer documentation, you should read Google Developer Documentation Style Guide first.

link: developers (Google Developer Documentation Style Guide)

5. Instant and elegant Markdown documents in the browser

Strapdown.js is an instant and elegant Markdown documents in the browser. Strapdown.js makes it embarrassingly simple to create elegant Markdown documents. No server-side compilation required. Use it to quickly document your projects, create tutorials, web pages.

link: github (strapdown)

6. Python library that can edit and modify various audio files

Pydub is a Python library that can edit and modify various audio files. And Pydub lets you do stuff to audio in a way that isn’t stupid. Installing pydub is easy, but don’t forget to install ffmpeg/avlib.

link: github 

7. WebAssembly Studio Online IDE

WebAssembly Studio is an online IDE that that helps you learn and teach others about WebAssembly. It’s also a Swiss Army knife that comes in handy whenever working with WebAssembly.

Learning Resources - Sneak Peek at WebAssembly Studio

The WebAssembly Studio online IDE supports C/C++/Rust programs compiled online into WASM. The project was developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

link: github (WebAssembly Studio)

8. Free themes for Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most commonly used CSS framework, which has many features, such as easy to install, Customizable, Open Source……

The website Bootswatch collects a lot of free Bootstrap themes, you can preview the effect or download the Bootstrap responsive theme files to apply in your websites. Bootswatch provides free bootstrap themes for business, free bootstrap themes for education, professional business website templates…

link: github (Free themes for Bootstrap Download)

9. How to query Git repositories using SQL syntax?

Gitbase is a SQL interface to query Git repositories using SQL. Gitbase is written in Go language.

Gitbase implements the MySQL wire protocol, it can be accessed using any MySQL client or library from any language. It can be used to perform SQL queries about the Git history. Gitbase is being built to work on top of any number of git repositories.

link: github (SQL interface to Git repositories)

10. Free online image editor

Photopea is a free online image editor, this online image editor tool provides rich features, which can replace some of the features of PhotoShop.

You can open the existed file or create a new file to edit online. Then the edited image can be export as PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG, GIF, BMP… common file format.

link: photopea (Free online image editor)

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