Online Free Tutorials and Tools 002: 600 Free Online Courses

This article is an online free tutorials and tools list, which includes Machine Learning Algorithms, 600 Free Online Courses, DeepLearningProject, and the useful tool such as Sketch 2 Code, Thonny python IDE, Irondb ..

1. Erlang by Example

This is an  introductory tutorial for the Erlang language. The tutorial provides some examples to help us easily and quickly to learn the programming language

Erlang is a fault tolerant and concurrent programming language. Erlang is a functional, compiled, dynamically typed, fault-tolerant and concurrent programming language. Which is an exotic language as it addresses concurrency different than mainstream programming languages.


2. The Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms that Newbies Should Grasped

This article introduces the ten basic algorithms of machine learning, such as:

  1. Linear regression
  2. Logistic Regression
  3. Linear Discriminant Analysis
  4. Classification and Regression Trees
  5. Naive Bayes
  6. K-Nearest Neighbors
  7. Learning Vector Quantization
  8. Support Vector Machines
  9. Bagging and Random Forest
  10. Boosting and AdaBoost

If you’re a Machine Learning newbie, the above ten Machine Learning algorithms would be a good starting point for you to learn.


3. DeepLearningProject

DeepLearningProject is a Harvard University deep learning open source tutorial with code examples. An end to end implementation of a Machine Learning pipeline.

This tutorial tries to do what most Most Machine Learning tutorials available online do not. It is not a 30 minute tutorial which teaches you how to “Train your own neural network” or “Learn deep learning in under 30 minutes”.

It’s a full pipeline which you would need to do if you actually work with machine learning – introducing you to all the parts, and all the implementation decisions and details that need to be made.

The dataset is not one of the standard sets like MNIST or CIFAR, you will make you very own dataset. Then you will go through a couple conventional machine learning algorithms, before finally getting to deep learning!


4. 600 Free Online Courses

Over the past 9 years, 190 universities around the world have published more than 10,000 public courses online. This article collects the 600 free online courses courses recently released, which are basically in English.

The 600 free online courses includes Compute Science, Programming, Eengineering, Science, Art & Design, Mathematics, Humanities, Health & Medicine, Data Science, Education & Teaching, Personal Development……

Enjoy its!!


5. is a online charting tool. If you want to design charting online, is a good choice. provides rich features. After designing the chart, you can export the file as image, HTML, PDF file…

Online Free Tutorials and Tools - online charting tool -


6. ByteScout SQL Trainer

ByteScout SQL Trainer is an interactive online SQL grammar tutorial for beginners. You must to answer a question then you can move on to the next one.

ByteScout SQL Trainer will help you to learn SQL by doing using live data excercises for commonly used SQL queries.

website: ByteScout SQL Trainer

7. Thonny

Thonny is a Python IDE for beginners, its interface is simple and refreshing. What’s more, Thonny includes rich features, and it support Windows, Mac and Linux platform.Thonny Python IDE for beginners


8. Irondb

Irondb is a packaged library of browser key-value stores that unifies cookies, IndexedDB, LocalStorage, and SessionStorage into one interface.

Its biggest feature is the data redundancy mechanism, which can recover data from other mechanisms even if some underlying storage mechanism fails.


9. Sketch 2 Code

Sketch 2 Code is Microsoft’s online tool that turns hand-drawn sketches into HTML code. Sketch 2 Code can transform any hands-drawn design into a HTML code with AI.

Sketch 2 Code


10. gRPC-Web

gRPC-Web is  a JavaScript client library that enables web applications to communicate directly with the backend gRPC service without the need for an HTTP server to act as an intermediary. Which means you can build a true end-to-end gRPC application architecture.

website: gPRC-Web

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