Not able to retrieve data with .getJSON

I am new to JSON and jQuery, and am currently having an issue retrieving data from a JSON file into a javascript file that is using a .getJSON() function. I don’t believe what I’ve coded is correct, and I don’t know what to change. Both files are in the same folder, and this is all being run over XAMPP. My current .getJSON function is:

var url = 'http://localhost/atriviagame/database.json';
$.getJSON(url, function(json) {    
  var questions = json.questions;

And my current JSON file is:

    "questions": [{
        "question": "Which list contains words that are NOT names of shoe types:",
        "choices": ["A. Oxford, jelly, boat, clogs, stiletto, mary jane",
            "B. Loafer, gladiator, wedge, mule, platform",
            "C. Pump, moccasin, wingtip, sneaker, derby, monk",
            "D. Chalupa, dogler, hamster, croonley, frankfurt",
            " "
        "correctAnswer": 3