Nine months of weight loss, star coach course dedication (1)

In January this year began to lose weight, at the end of 9 minus 20 pounds, decided to nine months of weight loss experience, especially the private teaching to share with you, hoping to help the sisters who are losing weight. The article is not long, but all dry goods!

I went to the gym and asked for private tutoring. I had the chance to coach my own star, like Zheng Kai and Huang xuan. The price is fair. Because I was smart, hard-working, good effect, no adverse reaction, won the coach favor, so I think the coach for the chief disciple, I also want to unilaterally to train as a coach, I began to teach me something? Let’s give it to you first. (writing here, I smiled shyly)

Today, first of all, we start from five aspects of concern and my seven suggestions two aspects, we do the preparatory work first.

One, five questions that everybody pays close attention to:

1. do you need to go on a diet?

No, you need to keep your diet normal. The coach’s advice is not to be too greasy, don’t overeat every day, and try to choose a healthier diet. Every meal to eat eight full course is good, if the past do not have this habit, also do not have to go, eat less as compared to pull out more.

It’s better to eat less food than to eat it. It means that you can absorb and metabolize the food you eat, instead of letting people take the medicine! This will not only lead to poor absorption, resulting in lack of Qi and blood, body beat, but also let the body forget how to absorb metabolism, can only rely on foreign objects.

So dieting too much can make you metabolize disorder, start to see the effect, long time will be dull skin, bad color.

2. is it really useful to lose weight drugs on the market? I’ve got little sisters around who seem to be useful!

There is no regular hospital doctor guidance, or do not use weight-loss medicine bar. First of all, the quality of weight-loss drugs on the market is uneven. For example, some of the most popular weight-loss drugs in Japan have been reported for a period of time, and many women have delayed menstruation and even menstrual disorders, and they have been halted. Second, most of the weight loss drugs we can buy are based on the principle of excretion, so diet pills have the following conditions:

(1) while eating, although the number of toilets more, but not thin! Because many sisters have a very good physical foundation, the body itself is enough to adjust the short-term drug damage or injury, since there is no need to stop the drug, there will be no harm. So many people have no effect on diet pills.

(2) effective, thin, slowly effect is not obvious, but has been thin ah! Fat, of course. These sisters are also in good health, the body will slow down, adjust back, do not change eating habits, do not exercise, the body will maintain the original weight. So for some people, diet pills work, but weight loss is still unsuccessful.

(3) thin, the corresponding, the color is not good, endocrine disorders. It’s probably not the effect of diet pills, but the side effects of weight loss drugs that make the body uncomfortable and lose weight. So many people lose weight, yellow muscle is thin……

Is there a laxative drug that is not laxative? Yes, do you dare to eat this kind of medicine? What are the channels for you to buy diet pills?…… Ask yourself a few questions like this, and you’ll find that although we don’t know much about it, we’re not so gullible.

3. do you have to go to the gym? Must private tutoring be required?

If it is to increase muscle, it is recommended or private teaching, but we are weight loss, you need to pay, may be non general perseverance and flexible mind.

The gym has a variety of instruments, a lot of like-minded little partners, professional coaches. So what’s the good for it? Convenient, don’t spend time to pick up equipment, learn new movements, do not tangle in the end, do not want to buy any instrument. When you doubt it, there will always be a buddy slimming effect, immediately playing chicken. Please a coach, he will give you a detailed plan, perhaps more professional, it is important to plan (this is for me), have a plan, when you really can’t hold on (who have so few days, what do not have what meaning), to follow the prescribed order according to the plan, step by step is good, can endure the resurrection full of blood. However, such money, especially private education, a class hundreds or even thousands of……

But know this, anyway, all kinds of slimming Raiders are on-line, according to their plan, well, please do not teach, buy a yoga mat, home to tidy up the yoga mat left enough space, look at home (school playground) park or slightly clean no obstacles. The sidewalk near here? Yes, well, not going to the gym is all right.

4. do you have to correct your posture before losing weight?

I don’t feel it, do I? I don’t know much about this. I’ll say two things. First, junior high school when I developed very well, so the students would laugh at me at my chest, so when I walk often hide it, then there is some chest, walking instability, it does not look good. I didn’t try to correct my posture. Instead, I practiced for seven months, and my mother suddenly said, “Why are you so straight?” Not bad. Stick to it.” Secondly, my cousin has no body problems, every night by the wall for half an hour, half a year, a lot of thin, did not say a few kilograms, the whole body looked slim, according to my mother said is 25 pounds. It’s really a station every day. It’s boring.

5. I insist, but why the effect is not obvious?

I believe that your normal diet, even strict every meal on time, according to eight points full, exercise every day, follow the standard of action on the video is not lazy to do, but lost five or six pounds, no longer thin. This is because you have a good constitution and a good physical adaptability. After the exercise or the amount of exercise, the body will maintain its status. You can rest for 4~5 days or practice, or change the action, slightly increase the amount is also possible. Rest assured that if you don’t go on a diet, exercise is done, and it won’t rebound for four or five days.

Two, my seven suggestions:

1. don’t go on a diet, don’t take diet pills. Harm, I will not repeat it;

2. change your movements every week or every two weeks, and rest for 4~5 days. But don’t overeat these days. That is to say, do not overeat and do not exercise at the same time. Of course, the National Day holiday and the Spring Festival holiday, you want to fly yourself can be. If you exercise all year round, and even if you don’t get two of these little ones a year, what’s the fun of life?

3. for the action not all, health and safety first. In doing the action, the white people have to practice in advance, feel whether the coach or the video said that the local force. A little careless can cause muscle damage and even wear bones. A device is to do.

4. make ready moves. Not stretch, not warm up, at least a simple twist waist, crooked neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, activities of knee and ankle…… Tell the body that you’re going to start exercising, and your joints are involved in it to avoid hurting these joints. Then you can do the necessary stretching and 5~10 minutes of warming up.

5. attention molding. Every time a special shape, to prevent skin relaxation. Weight loss can cause skin relaxation, I’m afraid it is not so easy to avoid. Especially a lot thinner, loosen it is very difficult to recover, so thin, no obvious relaxation time to quickly shaping.

6. pay more attention to dimension than weight. Buy a tape, a week Liangyi times, in fact, we generally do not have pathological obesity, but more is the pursuit of beauty. When you look a lot thinner, maybe you don’t have to worry about my weight, which hasn’t changed for a month.

7. record weight every day and record dimension every week. Of course, you can record diet and exercise every day if you are conscious enough. Remember the time when I was thinner, I lost 0.2 or 0.3KG every day, or 0.4~0.7kg two days apart. Look at these figures every day, a sense of accomplishment, doing something else is also very energetic. Next, I’ll share some weight loss diaries that should be remembered quickly, clearly and clearly.

Today to share these, you need to prepare a detailed plan, and a thump open space, I started from my first class to share next week, I will introduce some of my fitness details, how to solve the difficulties. Of course, if you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them. I don’t know how to ask the coach. When it comes to share here, I will explain the problem in the article in detail, welcome to ask.