Need a GUI Builder for Tkinter / Python [closed]

I need a GUI Builder for Tkinter… was using something a couple of years ago, but I can’t find it anymore (I remember something related to Komodo IDE, but perhaps I’m wrong). Please don’t give me links to non-functional, old or dead projects, because I found lots of them and none worked; I need something functional. Also, I don’t want builders for pygtk/pyqt/other toolkits.


Python 3 – Tkinter GUI Builder

there are a number of tkinter builders out there but none (that I’ve found) that work for python 3. So I thought I would raise the question here … I don’t have time to learn tkinter and dont use it

Python – Tkinter GUI [closed]

I am having issues with Tkinter. This is my first time using it and i’m wondering if you could help me. I have written the GUI of what i want but i can’t make it into a class, could someone help me?

GUI Builder for Python [closed]

I looking for a GUI Builder for python i know it exist, can see it in this image background

Python GUI with Tkinter

I have a problem with a gui in python, the program executes the command option from the button creation automatic. so i get stuck in a loop. ”’ Created on 5-mrt.-2012 @author: Max ”’ from Tkinter im

python Tkinter help Gui

Ok, so i am trying to make my first half GUI program and i am using Tkinter. Well, i have a problem and i can not figure it out : import Tkinter import tkMessageBox import os from Tkinter import * im

TKinter in python Gui programming

I want to show my calculated output to Gui window in python.I am trying with Tkinter.But having problem to get output on Tkinter level widget.The thing is that, I am putting input data as address info

python tkinter gui

I’m wanting to make a small python program for yearly temperatures. I can get nearly everything working in the standard console but I’m wanting to implement it into a GUI. The program opens a csv fil

Python ->tkinter->GUI

I’m studying tkinter GUI, and what I need is to make this code(in comments) with GUI(tkinter). I need a button and then when I click it do what is in code, and then print result’s in GUI. EDIT2 I st

Python Tkinter GUI scrambled

I’m trying to create a GUI for a simple numerical estimation of differential equation solution, but the layout doesn’t work as intended (I’ve tried pack and grid). This is my first GUI and maybe I’m m

Should I Use Tkinter, C or C# to Make a GUI in Python? [closed]

I am building a quiz program which can be personalized but I want to add a GUI to it. I have seen some pieces of software which implement C and C# into Python. Should I use Tkinter to make the GUI or


A google search yielded this:

But when you are just starting out it might be nice to use a graphical designer. I don’t know of any that are permanently free, but here’s an idea. ActiveState’s Komodo Pro editor does include a Tkinter designer, and you can try the product free for 30 days. That might be long enough to get you past the steep part of the learning curve. And you might find that Komodo is a good enough editor to be worth the $$. I sure enjoy using it myself.

I have coded some Tkinter in the past and it is VERY straightforward. This is where I learned to code it:

It is the best intro to Tkinter that I have seen

Have a look at Rapyd-Tk. It might be the thing you’re looking for (and it’s free).

I remember something related to Komodo IDE

The Komodo 3 GUI builder was open sourced, but has seen very few updates since 2006:

There is also PAGE (Python Automatic GUI Generator), which is a visual GUI builder for Python/Tkinter.

Not really a GUi builder – but it let’s you define Tkinter GUI’s in JSON files:

GUI Builder is a next-generation SpecTcl alternative (as they say).

GUI Builder docs (from Komodo 3.5)

Have a look at pygubu. It might be the thing you’re looking for.