My iOS development portal self-learning path

I have a list of things I want to do in college. For example, learn a musical instrument, travel with friends, build your own blog, go for a ride, read books on the subject. One of them is to write your own App and put it on the shelf. Last year, I was ready to do this, so I set foot on the iOS development tour. Now, put in about 200 hours, I put my own simple App.

My iOS development portal self-learning path
App2.0 version

PS: welcome everyone to join the ~App address. Of course, this is not the first App I wrote, you can look at my GitHub more projects, such as open source EmotionNote.

If a friend says he’s on the list, there is also a complete App this one, this article is what I want to say to him.


  • Identify individual goals and analyze individual situations and design their own course record learning process
  • Start the language to understand your tool – Xcode based on the project learning from a simple App start, analysis of its life cycle learning framework to understand the concept of hands-on, constantly making mistakes, and constantly improve the interface network
  • Resources: Book course website article


  • Make sure your personal goals are analyzed and the individual situation is more effective before you listen to advice. For example, do you have an object-oriented programming experience? If so, it doesn’t take much time to learn a language. How about English? Basic English documents can be read? What is your own learning style?
    for me, software engineering in reading, basic courses have been studied, faster entry. More schools are teaching theory, I prefer to learn in practice (learning by doing). Design their own way to understand their basic situation, you can design their own learning route. At the beginning there will not be a complete line, according to their own needs to constantly adjust. May wish to read the introduction of other people’s articles, lessons learned. How do you learn how to learn My iOS development portal self-learning path
    ? Traditional education, there will be a traditional examination as a test. My approach is to record the process, set the checkpoint, find the concept of common, learn, ask questions and write summary.
  • Start at the beginning of a familiar programming language, and then understand the development tool Xcode, to understand the project framework, the App life cycle, the interface and how to interact with the code. Understand design patterns, such as MVC. After that, you can start interacting with the Cocoa framework. Finally, according to the type of App you want to write, then targeted learning.
My iOS development portal self-learning path


If App is compared to build a house, then the language is the basic bricks. So, should learn Swift or Objective-C? My personal recommendation is to first Swift, then familiar with OC. Compared to OC, Swift easier to use, the community has become increasingly active. If you have programming experience, this step should not take too much time, get your hands dirty is the key.

My iOS development portal self-learning path

Know your tools – Xcode

Workers want to do good things first of all to facilitate its device, fast familiar with the Xcode interface, the panel function, commonly used shortcut keys, etc., will improve the efficiency.

My iOS development portal self-learning path
Xcode_Keyboard_Shortcuts_pdf (1_ page).Png

Project based learning

In addition to the development of Stanford University iOS entry, I personally like a tutorial is Teaching App Development with Swift. Its main idea is based on the study of the project, each class has a different project, a project more than one hour, a clear step by step to build a complete function. From the practice of knowledge points, and finally gives the extension of thinking and information.

  • Start with simple App and analyze its life cycle
  • Learning framework
My iOS development portal self-learning path

What is the
many of the functions of the system, you do not need to achieve. Imagine you’re working on a four wheel drive, a motor, a wheel, a car body, at first, you don’t have to make it yourself. What you need to know is, what is the function of each part, how to put them together, which part of the spell. Similarly, the frame is like a variety of parts, such as UIKit, you can change the appearance of the body, multimedia need to use AV Foundation.

In short, to understand the two questions:

  1. When to use? (When to use what?)
  2. How to use it? (How?)
  3. Understand the concept of practice while thinking and thinking, the relationship between the various concepts and differences, ask a few why. For example: delegate, protocol, tagart-action, closure.

Which Protocol, I was reading the iOS 8 Programming with Swift (Matt Neuburg) in the introduction, to fully understand the Fundation.

  • Start, make mistakes, and improve the whole project, not just a function point. The integrity of the project, the need for comprehensive consideration. Interface design, class design, interaction between objects, etc.. At the beginning do not know how to achieve, may wish to look at other people’s realization. You can find books on the Github to read the relevant functions of the source code, StackOverFlow questions, etc..


Apple attaches great importance to the user experience, learning basic interface design is also necessary. Before the complete look at the DesignCode tutorial, to understand the basic design and the use of Sketch. IOS Human Interface Guide is also a prerequisite for the development of reading.
interface layout, we have to mention a AutoLayout, the beginning of the use of a variety of problems are likely to occur, but the way the guide, you will find it powerful.


  • JSON

My iOS development portal self-learning path


official information. Document reading, at the beginning may not know how to start. There is a very detailed blog post. Of course, iOS 8 Programming with Swift book is also introduced in the eighth chapter of the. Http://
programmer community Facebook. Https://
technology version of the problem know almost. Http://
out of the series tutorial. Http://
you don’t know Mattt Thompson? Go and have a look. Https://
foundation to advanced recommendation. Https://
understanding of the design process, the basic interface interaction, animation, etc.. At that time, followed by a complete, harvest a lot. Swift programming language book: The iOS 8 Programming Fundation with Swift (Matt Neuburg) Programming iOS 9 (Matt Neuburg)
strongly recommended two books, keep watching, explain the detailed, comprehensive coverage. Learning iOS UI Development (Yari D’areglia)
Yair D’areglia blog is worth reading: Post:Things I wish I had known before starting iOS to development iOS development portal? Know the experience of iOS development

I only list the common resources, the information is not much, but in the rational use of. The beginning of an idea is simple. The simple thing is to start doing it and start to realize it. I believe that if you are willing to pay 200 hours, you can also complete their own ideas for the application.

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