Muzzle – A free Mac app for “Do Not Disturb Mode” When the Remote Screen is Shared

Muzzle will Automatically Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode When the Remote Screen is Shared, and the free Mac app downloads.

Mac users do not necessarily know that macOS also has “Do Not Disturb” (Do Not Disturb), open will not jump in the upper right corner of the notice.

This feature is better to find in the iPhone, iPad. I personally quite often used, especially Want to concentrate on and do not want the phone has been out of the message will readily open it. But the Mac mode is hidden more, you must click the upper right corner to open the sidebar, the roller will slide to see, with Night mode switch in the same place.

The muzzle is a free Mac app, and it’s simple:

it automatically opens the Doppler mode when sharing it on the far-end screen. Muzzle is a free Mac app. Imagine if you share the screen when the other people came out of the message notification, will be seen the content, it’s a bit embarrassed, right?

Muzzle aims to solve this dilemma.

Muzzle Automatically Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode When the Remote Screen is Shared

Muzzle has not too complicated to set the option is one of the reasons I want to recommend. You need to do is open the Muzzle, the first use will need to “auxiliary use” within the Muzzle check consent, it will be needed Automatic operation.

Currently supported screen sharing apps include:

Slack, Join Me, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, and Blue Jeans, which means that when you turn on the screen sharing feature for these apps, Muzzle will turn on Do Not Disturb mode and automatically Switch the options back. It’s ery easy to use.

How to Use Muzzle on Mac?

1. Download the app from the website. You can download the app for free, then unzip it after downloading, drag Muzzle to the app folder, open it to use. Which is the same way to install apps as we are familiar with.

The first time you use the permission request, click “Open System Preferences” to open the security settings.

You should set the “Muzzle” permission in the “Security and Privacy” setting to complete the config. If you can not change it, you must click on the lock in the lower left corner and enter the administrator password to continue.

The muzzle is a free Mac app

2. Muzzle will be resident in the upper right corner of the system toolbar, click there will be no other options.

As mentioned prior, Muzzle will only work if the supported app enters the “screen sharing” mode. Its function is to automatically switch to Do Not Disturb mode, and it will automatically switch back.

The muzzle is a free Mac app Do Not Disturb mode

I always feel that this feature should be designed to be built into the Mac, but so far not yet, we can only use the application to supplement the lack of functionality.

Free Download: Muzzle