More CSS toolkits like Twitter Bootstrap?

I was looking for a place where I can find CSS toolkits and resources, ready to be used like the popular Twitter Bootstrap.

Any tips?

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html5boilerplate is my favoured toolkit

Blueprint is one of the popular CSS frameworks also.

If a good CSS framework is all you need, YAML is a great alternative too.

I think you will find Zurb Foundation to be very good as well

Try skeleton as another alternative.

there is another one similar to bootstrap twitter , try HTMLKickStart

Yahoo! have recently created Pure (source available on GitHub).

Pure provides:

  • A CSS Foundation built upon Normalize.css so that cross-browser issues are minimised.
  • Styling of common UI components such as lists, menus, buttons, forms and tables.
  • A comprehensive responsive grid system for building a site for all devices.

It is very lightweight with a total footprint of 4.4KB minified and gzipped compared to Bootstrap’s 20KB. It is accessible from a CDN that Yahoo! provides.

It has been created with the viewpoint that creating new CSS rules is preferred to overwriting/altering existing ones. Therefore it is shipped with minimal styles out of the box (hence the size) – you have to create your own.

Semantic UI is really great, if you liked bootstrap, you should like it even more!

Selection of any UI framework depends on the related technology stack. I use Semantic-UI ( with AngularJS. Believe me, they are made for each other!

Semantic-UI gives good support for responsive web design and mobile components.

See free and extremely liteweight Litestrap CSS toolkit:

The same as Bootstrap but only the grid (scaffolding).