Love life, dress yourself well


A senior HR said: a person from the door after 5 seconds, the basic can judge whether he is roughly what a person. This is nothing to boast about. After reading countless people, there is such a kind of ability, the so-called “heart by heart” is what this means. So, “judge” is not unreasonable, a certain extent is scientific.

A neat and clean appearance, is not only to please yourself, but for not polluting the world. People should be responsible for their appearance, and learn how to manage your appearance and make yourself more beautiful in the long years. Because your skin, your eyes, or your figure can actually reflect what kind of person you are.


Love life, dress yourself well
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Importance: a person’s life style and attitude of temperament are written in the skin.                                                                                    

Focus on quality of life, positive and healthy people, always take care of the skin is clean, refreshing people good temperament.

Mentality is not good, the skin is always dim and dark, very haggard.

Methods: therefore, to maintain a good state of mind, optimistic, positive, early morning, early morning, pay attention to lifestyle habits.

Should pay attention to clean, pay attention to their skin treatment, when there is a problem in a timely manner. For example, more oil, long acne, long black, dull, dry, long spots, etc., should be symptomatic to find ways.

Make skin clean, refreshing people.


Love life, dress yourself well
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Significance: not long ago heard a philosophical saying: look at a person’s body, probably understand his accomplishment.

Elegant women pay more attention to body management, hypertrophy of the waist, neck, round laminated chin, stout limbs they will not appear in the dictionary of life.

Male pursuit for life, will go to the gym, the perfect shape of inverted triangle shape.

Methods: diet should be planned, fat people control the amount of food calories, eat less high calorie food, thin people eat more nutrients, protein.

To a lot of fitness, love sports. Sports and fitness should pay attention to scientific development.


Love life, dress yourself well
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Importance: clothes are the second faces of human beings. Through the wearing of people, they can roughly judge his occupation, character and self-cultivation.

A noble man, wearing is very decent, clean and tidy. On the contrary, disheveled, wearing rustic people, must be more casual, not the pursuit of life, not too much connotation of the people.

Methods: to improve their own sentiment and self-cultivation. Pursuit of quality of life.

Set to improve the aesthetic, aesthetic consciousness. Get in touch with beautiful things and find your own taste.

Note, and not the more expensive the more beautiful. The people who really have good taste, are seeking a small niche things, will appreciate the value of the clothing itself, not looking at money. Those people who buy expensive things all day, and feel that they have good taste, are actually shallow.

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In fact, the image of the transformation of more than three, and hair, makeup, skin care and so on…… I’m talking about bigger things. Readers can also learn more, this article mainly wants you to pay attention to their own external.

You know, always walk in the front of the ability of image. No one has an obligation to discover your inner excellence through the sloppy appearance that you don’t even care about.

A really good person, is both inside and outside, so don’t believe people say that as long as the inner beauty.