Loneliness and suffering along the way

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I’m still young, and I want to go on the road.
I choose not afraid of loneliness and indomitable, suffering.

From one run to a personal fitness, from one person to read a person writing from a trip to the life of a person in a daze, a station on the bridge, a man lying in the river idle, a man picked up the camera photos. This is the loneliness and suffering that everyone must pass on the road of life, and no one can escape it.

Because loneliness is the world, is all, is all history, is the way you will eventually learn to get along.

And suffering is like a book that’s never been read. The day is its symbol, the moon is its paragraph, and the year is its chapter.


Running and fitness

Loneliness and suffering along the way

Junior high school, my physical body is very small, the quality is not good, also has 1500 meters because senior high school entrance examination has failed, lost some sports.

This state continued until high school, and I slowly found that compared with my peers, I was weak to burst. I have no talent, two have no figure, three have no face, study is not assiduous. Except for fun, I couldn’t find an advantage in my whole body.

Maybe it’s this constant self reflection, self criticism that drives me to change, after all, no one wants to be mediocre.

The second semester training, I enrolled in the school athletics team, every afternoon after the bell rang, they rush to go to the playground. The track and field team began to participate in the training course, still more, in addition to all the more excited, the most important is because the coach is responsible for the course said, as long as can stick to the end of the semester students next semester will be exempted from the selected school track and field team.

It was an honor that money could not buy, so everyone was so ambitious that he wanted to hang his identity on his neck.

The ideal is always too full, the reality is very skinny.

The first stage of the devil training has just kicked off, did not recognize this devil’s appearance, many people had played drums retreat. By the end of the third class, only a dozen of them were still holding on. I don’t really blame you. Sometimes it’s not physical, it’s perseverance.

In the face of the coach layout of the devil style Pyramid run (400 meters, ten laps, three hundred meters ahead of each lap sprint, jogging one hundred meters later) Every time, I half-dead tired, I did not want to give up, just don’t know what I can do in addition to this, people are forced out, for a confident person is more so.

Haruki Murakami was a running novelist. He wasn’t very fond of running when he was young, but he became a man who didn’t run a dozen kilometers a day, and he was happy when he ran.

Fitness for me is the same, at the beginning I am very resistant, in addition to physical fatigue, loneliness in mind is inevitable. Because fitness is always a person’s thing, no one can help you.

Then in order to good effect, I bite a tooth top fitness RM (maximum repeat number) for training, each is about to hold no less, lonlinesswould strong influx, I have had to deceive ourselves: you see, there are so many people are lonely slaves, why don’t you do it master?

Many things in life, at the beginning will not let people like, because at the beginning of that stage, you only have to pay, pay, pay again, return has not yet arrived. You didn’t realize it wasn’t so bad until all the benefits came to you.

Keep running and fitness, exercise in the days and months multiplying my body structure, daily change, more and more thick, arm leg muscles become compact, abdominal contraction, and began getting hard, until gradually formed contour, chest muscle also point to take out.


Reading and writing

Loneliness and suffering along the way

Mr. Golgi said, “books are the ladder of human progress.”.”

Mr. Bacon went on to say, “knowledge is power.”.”

These two old men speak well, read more, grow their talents, and make you feel full of power. Moreover, reading can not only increase knowledge, broaden horizons, enrich experience, but also is a spiritual satisfaction. A good book is a good teacher and helpful friend.

Some people say: either fitness, or reading, body and soul, there must be a way.

This sentence does not seem wrong to me, people must pursue something, otherwise life is too boring.

And if you want to ask why writing, different people can give different answers.

Borges would say, “I write, not for fame, nor for a particular reader. I write for the passage of time and make me feel good.”.

Duras would say, “you’re in a cave, you’re in the bottom of a cave, and you’re in almost complete loneliness, and you’ll find that writing can save you.”.

Balzac would say, “Napoleon didn’t do it with his sword. I had to do it with a pen.”.

I’m not so talented as three literary masters, so I can’t say such a brilliant word. In my opinion, writing more often is a writer for the behavior to express their “threeoutlooks” and emotional ups and downs.

Because most of the time, when we have the view of something, will be eager to write an article, often that time there will be a gas forced out in the heart, after the breath naturally released. Looking at the work in front of us, a sense of satisfaction also arises.



Loneliness and suffering along the way

American writer Andy Andrews said: “at least two impulses in one’s life, a desperate love, a trip to say go.”.”

I think it can be changed: “life can not have a desperate love, but there must be a say go” travel.”

Because most of us, at the age of impulse, do not necessarily have the chance to meet the person who makes you desperate, but if you like, you can go anywhere and say a walk.

“Around Qinghai Lake”, “climb the five mountains”, “riding Sichuan Tibet line””……

Most of my travels were, at first, an unrealistic idea of head heat. At first there was no close plan, but only later did the decision start.

It is the last flowers flowers open, inadvertently planted willow grows, relative to those of the plan for a long time, but has failed to take steps to travel, sometimes rather than by the urge to eat, go.

Everyone to travel to different views, travel at all you can get benefits, the most valuable thing in the imagined environment, to change their view of the world, then slowly change heart really feel something important.

As the universal, know almost said: “last. Later many people asked me one night on the road hesitant mood, I think is not lonely and the road is long, but the sea and the sky shine surge high and sweep forward in the starlight.”


Written at the end

When I was young, I thought it was hard to find someone to share my pain with, and then found it harder to find someone who could share the joy.

If loneliness is a long road, that person is always on the road with his race, no one prescribed how long your path, and no one prescribed your speed. Your greatest enemy is yourself.

The farther you go on this road, the better you go.

[no quit writing training camp, three days, tenth days, student number 101]