jqGrid setting colModels and colNames dynamically

Is it really necessary to unload $(“#myGrid”).jqGrid(‘GridUnload’); if you want to set again its colModels and colNames? Or should i say is it the only way to implement a dynamic columns of jqGrid? Although I’ve tried that one and it worked. But I also tried the setGridParam of jqGrid but it wont work when i put colModels/colNames.

This is what i did aside from unloading

            url     : url, //url the returns formatted colModels/colNames and other data
            data    : data, 
            async   : false,
            success : function(data){
                url : "xx/xxx/xx.json",
                page : 1,
                postData : {
                colNames : data.returnedColNames,
                colModel : data.returnedColModels,
                rowNum : 50,
                pager: '#myGridPager',


But i get and error like Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘formatter’ of undefined

Any ideas on this approach? Thanks in advance

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jqGrid creates some column structures during creating of the grid. If one created the grid once one can’t change the number of columns for example. On the other side you can makes some unneeded columns hidden. Setting of colModel will not change the column headers. On the other side you can use setLabel method to change column headers dynamically. The most values of colModel can be changes. The main restriction is: the number of columns should be the same. Another restriction: you should not change the value of name property of columns because the property will be used to generates ids of column headers. If you use repeatitems: false style of data then you can dynamically set jsonmap or xmlmap property of columns holding name property unchanges. Changing of width property by setGridParam will not change the width of existing columns. On the other side you can use setColWidth method which I suggested in the answer and which you can download from here. So you can creates grid with large enough number of columns and set the other columns as hidden.

The answer provides 90% of solution which you asked. I modifies colModel inside of beforeProcessing. Other answer contains short description of the solution which you need.