Java Selenium, Script stuck/hang at GetDriver() because of the Authentication pop up

i’ve searched through the sites. and all posts seems to be indicating different methods which may or may not work because i couldnt even get to it because code hang at ‘getDriver’ or ‘navigate’ to url. and it doesnt continue to next,

where are all methods supposed to handle the pop up. i learned that both GetDriver and Navigate expects the page fully loaded. i guess this is reason why my code will stuck at beginning, because authentication pop up is as very first thing before page is loaded fully.

in this case what should i do? i tried the method below
http://username:[email protected] to log in, but maybe because my username has “domain/username” in it , its not working, i also added the “/” at the end.
didnt work.
pop up dialog

        boolean presentFlag = false; 
      try {    getDriver().navigate().to("http://domain%5username:[email protected]/blah-intranet/");
    // code always at above  because the authentication pop up not letting page load fully 

   anycode().here.doesnt matter cause it doesn't get to it.