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IOS Objective-C UI control detailed collation
  • IOS UI control detailed – UIScrollView scroll view.
  • IOS UI control detailed – UITableView table view.
  • IOS UI control detailed – UICollectionView integrated view.
IOS / Objective-C mode detailed
  • IOS mode detailed – “NSNotification notification”.
  • IOS mode – “Block code block”.
  • IOS mode detailed – “KVC encoding & KVO monitor”.
IOS Objective-C keyword finishing
  • Objective-C practical key word 1.
IOS Runloop & runtime detailed collation
  • Runloop practical.
  • Runtime practical.
IOS Plist & XML & JSON parsing
  • Plist+XML+JSON analysis.
IOS detailed data security
  • IOS data security – encryption and decryption learning summary.
IOS network request detailed collation
  • NSURLConnection detailed use.
  • NSURLSession detailed use.
IOS multi threading
  • IOS multithreading – tamping the basic concept.
  • IOS multi thread – “pthread NSThread” at &amp.
  • IOS multi thread – use “NSOperation”.
  • IOS multi thread – use “GCD”.
IOS Core Animation & detailed drawing
  • IOS Core Animation – tamp foundation “CALayer”.
  • IOS Core Animation – tamp foundation “Core Animation”.
  • IOS common drawing – tamping foundation “drawRect”.
IOS three party framework learning
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) source learning summary (I) – AFURLSessionManager.
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) source learning summary (two) – AFHTTPSessionManager.
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) source learning summary (three) – Serialization serialization.
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) source learning summary (four) – ReachAbility network status monitoring.
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) source code learning summary (five) – Security network communication security strategy.
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) source learning summary (six) – UIKit+AFN tools.
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) framework learning summary (four framework of the two package).
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) framework learning summary (three basic use of the framework).
  • AFNetworking (v3.0+) framework learning summary (two internal logic processing).
  • AFNetworking (v3.1.0) framework learning summary (a framework).
  • SDWebImage framework learning summary.
  • SDWebImage source learning summary (I) – SDWebImageManager.
  • SDWebImage source learning summary (two) – SDImageCache.
  • SDWebImage source learning summary (three) – SDWebImageDownloader.
  • MJExtension framework learning summary.
IOS official translation study
  • From NSURLConnection to NSURLSession.
  • NSURLSession translation + flexible.
  • UIWebView translation + flexible.
  • UIBezierPath translation + flexible.
  • UIView API official document translation.
IOS package thinking practice learning
  • IOS packaging thinking 10 – “news frame scroll Title”.
  • IOS packaging thinking 09 – “Button button internal sub control position”.
  • IOS packaging thinking 08 – “package business logic class”.
  • IOS packaging thinking 07 – TabBar+NavBar simple package.
Plug-in installation tool to solve the problem of learning to use + + finishing
  • Utility source code management “SVN & Git” continues to update.
  • Practical detailed CocoaPods “installation + problem solving + flexible” continuous update.
  • Markdown – live.
  • Mac & Xcode “shortcut keys”.
Understanding workplace learning finishing
  • Time up knowledge.
  • You and I want to know the interview skills.
  • The development of God notes (welcome).
Hexo blog build learning finishing
  • GitHubPages + Hexo – detailed blog build.
  • GitHubPages + Hexo – optimize blog settings “continuous update”.


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