ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

As people don’t have a good use of the command-line tools cannot bear
Mac own Terminal. Ask if there is a good use of the command-line tool can replace Terminal?
today introduced iTerm may be able to meet your needs

1, download and install

From the iTerm website to download Download

2, commonly used Preferences configuration

Menu into Preferences -> Profiles

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

On the left side of the white window we can see that there is a Default default option
this represents the iTerm default window template
, of course, you can also add a new window template

Click on the bottom + button to create a new template as follows

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
New Profile

The Name: template name here we call it Red because we will set it to
Shortcut red background key: to open the window you can see the shortcut key control+command is a fixed prefix selection you want to set to complete the shortcut
here we choose R
Tags (label): Tags will be used as search terms (search)

Search results

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
search Red
ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

Then we switch to the Colors option

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
Red Colors

Foreground: Here we set the text font color set to white
Background: set the window background here we set up red
other options not introduced after setting off the Preferences
press the shortcut key control+command +R

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

You can see that we have opened the Red theme window

3, Hotkey Window (quick transfer window)

We often encounter the scene sometimes just execute a few commands and you don’t use it but we still have to open the Terminal and then closed after use it in this case by iTerm Hotkey Window we will get the actual use of hitherto unknown experience

Hotkey Window supports a key to call iTerm it will be in the form of translucent coverage in the top of the screen as shown below

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
Hotkey Window

Using the Hotkey Window feature requires us to do a bit of work that is to enable Hotkey Window and set up the shortcut keys

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
open Hotkey Window

Pictured above menu Preferences -> Keys -> selected below two checkboxes at Hotkey
and set the shortcut keys here we set to command+/
to close the window by pressing the command+/ shortcut key.

When we go back to Preferences-&gt again; Profiles you will see a new Hotkey Window theme that follows the

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
added a Hotkey Window theme

Of course, we can also be in accordance with the Red theme of the set method for the Hotkey Window set style here no longer repeat

4. Clipboard history

ITerm allows us to quickly view the clipboard content only need to press the shortcut key
Command + Shift + H as shown in Figure

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

5, timeline (command snapshot)

If you look at a period of time to perform the operation can use the timeline function
press the shortcut key Command + Option + B

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

6, rapid selection

The advantage of using the command line is to be able to focus on the thing itself from the mouse
but when we want to select a text Terminal must be done with the help of the mouse (I don’t know?) ITerm to do is to press the Tab button to complete the
for example, we need to select the FarBar text
press Command+F to enter the Far press Tab to automatically enter the clipboard in
in the right position can press Command+V to paste the contents

Fast selection of ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)

7, quick preview all tabs

If you want to open up a lot of tabs to quickly find a label
press Command + Option + E iTerm will show you all the tabs
is not very familiar with this effect???

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)
quick preview all tabs

The following commands we no longer detail

Command+T new tab page
Command+W off label around key switch the display tab
Command+shift+ left arrow keys to move under the direction of the currently selected tab position
Command+ button to scroll up and down the content of digital (Number) display the specified location tab
(Number) Command+alt+ digital switch specifies the location of the window
Command+, open the Perferences window
Command + Shift + M + Shift + Command tag command
J to mark a shortcut key combination

Interested in the above commands can be operated under the feeling of
you are ready to use iTerm yet?

Welcome to the public number: DevTipss

ITerm save your Terminal (terminal)