IOS reverse the WeChat article (a few steps to install X artifact it!)

As a IOS aspect of the white, is very interested in these magic technology. Today saw a great God Yang Xiaoyu Bowen, talking about the injection of dylib and re signed by the WeChat re transformation method. Do not have to break free to install * (think about happy), blog portal:, interested can go to see. Afternoon through a time of the afternoon, the middle encountered some problems, here to share with you the specific steps and problems.

A dylib contains the transformation of WeChat to achieve results:

Close the “discovery circle”, “circle of friends”, “shopping” and “game” portal

WeChat motion

Remove a variety of small red tips

Night mode

Block withdrawal

Shield group & friend message

Two. Tools and equipment to be prepared:

Mac, not jailbreak iPhone, developer account (or certificate), Xcode

Three. Specific implementation steps:

1, download the great God of open source dylib and sh automatic operation script;

2, use Xcode to open FishChat compiler, if prompted CaptainHook.h not found, click on the CaptainHook download,.H file into the FishChat project after the compiler will pull the compiled.Dylib to the desktop;

3, the developer certificate and the corresponding mobileprovision file, be sure to condemnation, or will cause the failure of the installation. The script will automatically select a certificate owned the last one, can create a new Xcode project is connected with the mobile phone to choose the last developer certificate you the developer account, automatically generate a corresponding mobileprovision file Run will be available on the Xcode developer account management, just download the mobileprovision file generated by the (last time the copy to the desktop);

3, PP assistant in the shell has been downloaded WeChat, also dragged to the desktop;

4, open the FishChat file in the Shell script (with the text method to open), look at the following operation to save;

IOS reverse the WeChat article (a few steps to install X artifact it!)
find the script of these three sets of parameters, fill in the corresponding file path, which is just the desktop IPA, mobileprovision, dylib

5, yololib installation, FishChat file comes with a yololib executable file, because I am using the times wrong, so the re compiled, and then successfully installed.

6, mobiledevice installation, I used to install homebrew;

7, at this time have everything ready, you can execute the script.

Four. Common mistakes in executing scripts:

1, yololib not found, yololib is not installed successfully;

2, mobiledevice not found, mobiledevice is not installed successfully;

3, AMDeviceSecureTransferPath, parameter path error;

4, AMDeviceSecureInstallApplication, mobileprovision files are generally the problem, may not match with the phone or with the certificate does not match;

If you encounter problems when you install a comment message to me!