IOS platform 5+ plug-in development


A week ago, the author received a private demand, is to use 5+ to develop a plug-in to realize music player related functions, followed by a Google document, I fuck this document type Hui Mang, is a look at the small write – news! Nonsense is not much to say, I’m here today to help jump pit small partners to climb the pit, first posted on the official website: Official Documents


Since the beginning of the user see the official documents, reading must be a face Meng force (PS: anyway, I read several times but did not understand what Luo mean.) And download the SDK Ritter meow where it includes HBuilder-plugin???

IOS platform 5+ plug-in development

But only look at the white paper SDK -. Where HBuilder-Integrate is a demo, this article is not only a good understanding of the children’s shoes HBuilder-Integrate a guide. Daniel can be removed

Step 1: first look at the HTML and JS call method.

IOS platform 5+ plug-in development
IOS platform 5+ plug-in development

Step two: second, to expand the plug-in JS API look at the corresponding plug-in method.

IOS platform 5+ plug-in development

Step three: see how to register extensions to the 5+ kernel.

IOS platform 5+ plug-in development

(meaning see document)

Step four: see native methods based on registered native class names.

IOS platform 5+ plug-in development
Note: This article is only the white paper expansion of the development of the comb, before the configuration can not forget oh.

Finally: after clicking the button, the entire code is executed. Hurry up with your plugin

Keywords: DCloud, HTML5+, PluginBridge, MUI, third party plug-ins, extensions.