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We pursue the promotion of technology development, focus on technology; as engaged in technical work of code ape, have an idea (only personal ideas), the idea of large quantities (met, used the latest technology, little accumulation, replenish it), for many years engaged in technology is also to a a summary of time (is to share or a target of this open source.). The content of this article is the only open source [iOS understanding of finishing a concise introduction], -&gt -&gt key; key; key (an important thing to say, I
2+1 times) “thoughts and actions” in the end

IOS official document translation framework source code annotations
in the “Carnival Night” technology, about open source. At that time, my expression is not clear and specific, re sort as follows.

A few days ago, I released an apple in the official document translation, then there are many of my friends asked me: apple can do what the official document translation, when the development process rarely used, waste of time, and not for what. Today, just have time, here is a statement about the real role of Apple’s official document translation:

  • First of all, the translation of official documents can improve their English reading ability and understanding, increase their vocabulary, a good foundation of English will make the work more efficient;
  • Secondly, for iOS development, the official document can give you a better understanding of the basic principle of each technology realization, know its not to know why, so the development of iOS advanced and beginners are of great help;
  • Finally, the official document translation can let you more be absorbed in, write code appears distracted, chaos phenomenon over thinking, this time your usual official translation or third party annotation exercise will give you a better control of your subconscious mind, let you calm down. I’ve tried it. It’s very helpful;
  • Note that Apple’s official documents are numerous, all the way to the translation will take a long time. In order to improve the substantive role of this translation, I would like to ask you: fitness measurement, the official needs of the chapter or a wide range of practical framework, translation, annotation, to share the code farmers. “The daily work can also be used on private letter comments to me, I need to put these sections collected by the spare time, the contribution to the U.S.”

Of course, in the “time & knowledge” is limited, the translation of the article will inevitably have “incomplete, inadequate” place, but also hope that friends pointed out that in order to improve the quality of the article.

Sharing and open source spirit is ready

What is open source, why open source?

So are you ready to embrace open source? Congratulations, open source world appreciate your contribution. Next, let’s talk about open source, why do we want to open source.

What does “open source” mean?

When a project is open source, you can browse, use, modify, and distribute your projects for whatever purpose.

Open source is very powerful. Because it reduces the use of the threshold, so that the rapid spread of new ideas.

To understand how it works, imagine that your friends are eating lunch, when you bring cherry pie.

  • Everyone wants a cherry pie (use)
  • The school caused a sensation! People around you will want to know your cooking methods (browse)
  • One of his friends, Alex, is a pastry chef. He would suggest a little sugar
  • Another friend, Lisa, asked to use it as a dinner next week

In the same way, it’s like going to a restaurant you have to pay for cherry pie. But the restaurant won’t tell you how to cook a cherry pie. If you happen to copy their pie and sell it in your own name, the restaurant will take action against you.

Open source means free?

The most attractive thing about open source is that it doesn’t cost money. Yet free is just a by-product of the value of open source.

Because open source protocols require open source projects that can be used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose, they are generally free of charge. If some open source projects need to pay for use, anyone can legally use their free version.

The above content of “sharing and open source” is extracted from the GitHub open source project contribution guide in english;

The most important thing in the spirit of open source is the doctrine of

It’s not the same as most people think. Open source need to contribute, need to pay, but before the contribution and pay, the first thing is to understand, to use already existing.

For example, the front-end engineer, often use templates, every day with, there will be unhappy, they will think about their own to write a template engine. It is not wrong to write directly, but a better way is to go to the open source community to search for similar products. Look at their own ideas, whether it has been realized, look at their own ideas, which are reliable, which is not too reliable.

Be careful not to do “pure research,” unless you are an expert in this field, with systematic research and in-depth research. “Pure” refers to the investigation, to find similar products, not to run demo, begin to form transverse comparison. The more stupid but more effective approach is to use directly, for example, we chose the Handlebars, in the real use of the project process, in order to feel the depth of the advantages and disadvantages of Handlebars. After such a deep experience, similar to the front-end template engine, such as Mustache, Hogan, etc., there are probably a clear 7788.

Ism not only save development costs, but also allows you to expand knowledge and ideas, and will not become complacent in still vacant.

In the open source world, participation is more important than leadership

Follow the doctrine, can let you know others. In this process, there will be appreciation, gratitude, there will be complaints, ideas.

The front-end DOM library operations, many companies including Alipay chose jQuery. The use of the process, some of the API jQuery design is very good, some internal realization is also very beautiful. Don’t forget to write down your feelings when you meet them. Even if it is a blog, or chatting with friends when a word or two, all of these are involved, are spread positive energy. Community praise, jQuery development team can give the greatest encouragement. A lot of persistence, because there are certain.

Of course, jQuery as long as there is a day, there must be insufficient. For example, data API changes, such as animation does not support a pure CSS3, as well as Sizzle is not so perfect. All of these “shortcomings”, the bug you encounter, the pits you step on, and when you have good ideas or solutions, don’t forget to give back to the community. JQuery has detailed feedback channels, the general mature open source community will have. For example, hosted on the GitHub project, the general can be submitted to the community through the Issues your ideas, or even through the Pull Request directly submit your revised code.

Participate in, you can know more about the United States, know how to appreciate the heart, know how to give back. In the process, your skills, often will greatly increase. Not only technical progress, but also the ability to read and write english. In human communication, you will gain a lot, this is priceless wealth.

The first step is to take the open source, participation is the longest open source. The development of their own leading projects is not necessary, unless you really have a good idea, at the same time there is a strong energy, or do not easily start, it does not mean anything, often nothing. For example, Sea.js, if RequireJS had to accept my advice, or the author of FlyScript is not retired, then there would be no Sea.js. Let some things happen naturally, let watercress sprout from the soil. Get more involved, stay simple and natural.

Open source is the community, the code is only a small part

Although the code is very important, but in open source projects, source code is only one of the important factors.

In addition to the code, as well as documents, test cases, Issues management, version release, upgrade strategy, books, videos, etc.. JQuery, Backbone, AngularJS and other mature projects, mature community, rather than source. Good community, is a search in Google, you can find a lot of information. Good community, you have stepped on the pit, has often been stepped up and share.

The formation of the community is difficult, the core team needs to maintain a lasting passion, but also the need for weather, geography, and. JQuery has formed a huge community, but its brother YUI3 community, has not been very climate. Two or three years ago, I would like to find the overall design of the YUI3 document, as well as some components of the design documents, search a lot of places, and finally sent to the original author, still can not find the information I want. But jQuery, basically every detail, can be relatively easy to find relevant information and discussion.

No community open source project, the source will always stay in the “indulge in self-admiration” stage. A few years ago, KISSY, as well as Baidu’s Tangram, personally feel that they are stuck in the initial stage, development is difficult. There are open source projects in the community, the source will live up, will continue to evolve self sublimation. I have participated in a typical project is Backbone, if you look back now to the original code submitted by Backbone, compared with the present, I really feel a bit frustrated. The most unbelievable is that Backbone was originally very frustrated in the code, community participation, constant discussion and Pull Request, has now evolved into a very high quality code, even every piece of code, can tell a story. I am still very concerned about the Backbone every time the code changes, especially their modified part. From other people’s changes, can harvest a lot.

Backbone example, it also showed a better way of open source: good idea, we share out the original code to show the basic idea is good, then through community participation, continue to evolve, so that we have become developers group is much more powerful than a body. Personal hero of the open source approach, has become obsolete, like Join my open source community, but also give yourself an opportunity to share open source and open source.

Finally, it is easier said than done. Above the truth may be we all know, really want to do, it is a practice. MJ and LN are just on the road, Hangzhou West Lake Road, a pleasant breeze, also have Louis desert like the sun. Fortunately, the choice, not far away.

In the sharing and open source “night” Carnival to refrain from making mistakes

I once read an article in Jane’s book, which means that if you only read and read the book, you will slowly start to worry and gradually lose interest in writing. I agree with him.

We summarize the study and technical work share and open their own, nor to the amount of reading, but sometimes hard to avoid reading the article is tired, after all to share with people, if you write a thing, nobody to look back and forth, my heart will inevitably be frustrated. But if someone looks, some people leave comments, there will be a time when we are very concerned about this matter, and then write a more detailed tomorrow to share with you.

And the amount of reading in order to ensure the accuracy of this article is an article (work) quality indicators, the reader will inevitably be the amount of reading and the quality of the article together. As for attention as Star framework in GitHub, the reader is looking for a knowledge of the time, with a keyword search out the results of a one hundred thousand + the amount of reading, a reading only ten, you will choose which one open?

I want to say is that open source is a kind of spirit, sharing is a virtue. There are some maxima and horses. Have the strength of the style is also some cattle. The monkey is sharing and co group spirit, why don’t you act “to” why to procrastination. Don’t be a “bull”, it’s good to be a fake monkey.

Program ape monologue

Who changed the world?

Every country, people must be respected, those people who create wealth, but not those words about people. Programmers not only create wealth, but also strive to improve the efficiency of creating wealth. So, as a programmer, you should feel confident and proud.

I have a dream.
  • Nerds and geeks are also eligible for presidential medals, congressional gold medals, and other high – grade awards that recognize their contributions.
  • I’m a programmer, I’m a friend, not an enemy. I don’t belittle programmers in front of others.
  • Programmers are smart and brave, and we are funny. “Introversion is not our DNA, so we are not born introverted, I can adjust my attitude and social skills”.

The above content is reproduced, the article on the GitHub, and then delete can not find links, in which there is no paste.

In short, the study of a family of three boxes of the library, the need to trace the source, the outline of the collar, that is, to grasp the overall situation, but also in-depth details. Starting from the source framework, combined with the mechanism of event service logic processing, further into the functional point or package again, will not mess up the answers.

Note: the annotation preparation cycle may be long, short, after the encounter with to have free time to replenish it, also welcome you to join & Fork, so you also learn the underlying logic framework of the third party.

“&amp”; “frame” annotation

GitHub project.

  • The official document source framework, when you understand the “&amp principle” authority; when advanced, net many ~ ~ (self brain). To do the thinking of the code cutting apes, to achieve “practical concepts, not classical Chinese” & “the realization of the principle, concise and detailed”, from scratch, from the shallower to the deeper. In order to simplify the introduction of the old and old drivers to review the complex cable process, as soon as possible into the theme, quickly use up. Here just waiting for you to come! Star & Fork
  • UIKit framework, classification, classification and annotation of the documents, the common functions of each kind of gradual case analysis, starting from zero, to simplify the process of propagation from the shallower to the deeper; cable entry for beginners and old driver review, as soon as the theme, the use of fast. Here just waiting for you to come! Star & Fork


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Follow up & About me

I am also a summary of the time spent

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IOS official document translation framework source code annotations
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