IOS App shelf process (2016)

I. introduction:

As a iOSer, the development of App uploaded to App Store is necessary. Here to explain in detail the specific process steps.

Two, prepare:

  1. A paid developer account (account type is divided into individual (Individual), the company (Company), enterprises (Enterprise), (University) the four types, the annual rates were $99, $99, $299, free of charge.).
  2. A project that has been developed.

Three, check:

  1. Your Xcode must be the official version, the beta version of Xcode is not able to upload items.
  2. Upload the Mac OS X system must be the official version, beta version is not.
  3. Make sure that the Xcode you are installing is downloaded from the App Store or the developer’s Web site, rather than the installation package that was obtained from other sources, as the unofficial download of Xcode might have a XcodeGhost virus. How to check?
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    inspection method

Four, generate release certificate

  1. Open the Apple Developer Center:
    : Account
    IOS App shelf process (2016) opens click
    Apple Developer Center
    below the Apple input payment account and password (if your computer has saved password, directly into the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    developer account)
  2. Click: Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles (specialized certificate generation, binding Bundle Id, bind device device, the place where the description file)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
  3. Click Certificates to generate certificate selection iOS, tvOS, watchOS, All click on the upper right corner of the new
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to add a new certificate to add 1 certificate because do App upload, choose the production certificate (App Store and Ad Hoc
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    App) Store and Ad Hoc
    note: a developer account can only be created (1-2 the development of (testing) certificate, 2-3 production (release) certificate), if the front of your App Store Ad Hoc button can not choose, on behalf of the account you no longer create new production certificate.
    solution: from the common use of this account on the computer generated.P12 files, import their own computer. (try not to do the following second steps) if you want to generate, delete the existing one. Note: if you delete a certificate, the person who is using this certificate will not be able to use it again, unless it is rebuilt and then re imported into your computer using.P12!
    note: if you want to delete the certificate, perform the following procedure, or skip.
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to delete the certificate and then connected to the
    IOS App shelf process (2016), part of the production certificate to
    to generate 2 IOS App shelf process (2016)
    3 generation certificate certificate IOS App shelf process (2016)
    certificate 4 generation upload the CSR file to get the certificate (the CSR file to the machine keys we need to create) in other inside the Launchpad, click on the pop-up interface Keychain access as follows
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    Keychain Access Toolbar select Keychain access certificate assistant -> ->
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    request request Certificate…
    IOS App shelf process (2016) certificate
    certificate information from a certificate authority Save the CSR file to a location of the MAC disk (I choose here is the desktop, storage)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)

    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    certificate storage click the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest file and then back to the browser, click on the choose File..
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    CSR chose to create a good file: CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest file, click to select
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    from CSR click on the Generate file

    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    CSR upload upload certificate certificate to jump as the interface, click on the DownLoad download the certificate (CER And then click on Done, you create the release certificate will be stored in the account.
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    download generated certificate

IOS App shelf process (2016)
cer suffix file

Note: This certificate can only be downloaded once. After downloading, you can’t go back to the download page when you close the page.
if you do not need to be used for other computers, then skip the following items directly, jump to the fifth step (binding Bundle Identifier)

Add: generate p12 files on other computers using this release certificate

  1. Double click the installation certificate after open Keychain access, choose to install the certificate right click on the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    installation releases
    note: if no export can use this certificate to delete, and then double-click the file to install the certificate to download.
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    export export certificate certificate
    IOS App shelf process (2016) certificate store
    storage certificates derived
    note: file if.P12 password
    can set a password for the certificate, also can not set a password; if you set a password, then install this certificate when others will enter the password, otherwise unable to install. No password is set here.
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    password save
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    p12 derived certificate issued
    certificate if necessary can also release App on another computer, you must install the certificate issued.

Five, create App IDs and bind your App Bundle Identifier

Back to the page:

  1. Click App IDs, enter the following interface, click on the upper right corner of the +
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    App IDs
  2. Fill in the App IDs and Bundle Identifier
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    App IDs and Bundle Identifier to fill in the
    note: upload App using Bundle (not Identifier -, are English + Digital) must be fixed, can not use a placeholder. If your Bundle Identifier has been bound on the site, and if you have modified your project inside the Bundle Identifier, then you need to re-enter the developer account binding. App contains Bundle Identifier

    service under IOS App shelf process (2016)
    modify project, the default of two, the rest of the project according to their own needs to choose
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    App Services

  3. Click continue

    IOS App shelf process (2016) continue

  4. Click Register

    IOS App shelf process (2016) Register

  5. Click Done

    IOS App shelf process (2016) Done

Six, the creation of a description file (describing the role of the document is to associate the certificate and Bundle Identifier)

  1. Find Provisioning Profiles, click All, and then click on the upper right corner +
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    Provisioning Profiles
  2. Because it is released, so select the following App Store this description file, click Continue

    select App Store

  3. In the App ID column to find this option you just created: App IDs (Bundle Identifier) type Continue
    IOS App shelf process (2016) package, click
    choose to publish project Bundle Identifier
  4. Choose your newly created Certificate (or p12 files generated in the issued certificate), according to their own computer on the release date of the certificate to select, click on the Continue
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    chose to create a release certificate
  5. Enter a name in the Profile Name column (this is the name of the PP file, can easily enter, are convenient here I use the engineering name), then click on the Generate
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to describe the file name
  6. Download generated PP file, and then click Done, click the setup (flashed away, no other effect)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    Download IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to generate the PP file generated description file

Six, open space in App Store

  1. Back to Member Center, click iTunes Connect IOS App shelf process (2016)
    and click iTunes
  2. Login developer account (or previously paid account)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
  3. After logging in, click on my App

    to click on my App IOS App shelf process (2016)

  4. Click on the upper left corner of the number, click on the new (Note: we are iOS App development, do not choose Mac App)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
  5. In order to fill in the corresponding information according to the prompt (SKU, for statistical data such as ID, according to the company needs to fill), and then click create
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to fill in the information note: if filled, may tell you that your App name is already taken, so you can only feel shy, renamed! (and suggest that we should not go to the famous name of the App, otherwise the audit may be rejected)
  6. Fill in App other information
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    App information
  7. Fill in the price and sales range (because I have not signed a contract developer account tax, so not on-line application fee, so only temporarily free)
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to fill in the price and sales range
  8. In order to
    different sizes of App screenshots pulled into the corresponding need to fill in the different size of the mobile phone screen shots (running also is to take different sizes, at least 3 pages up to 5 pages of screenshots and then drag the response zone (Command + S) in the simulator can save the screenshot to the desktop) (Note: if the picture size is incorrect, suggesting that the drag the simulator into 100% and Command plus S) size reference table set different sizes under the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)

    IOS App shelf process (2016) screenshot size reference map size
    reference map

  9. Fill in the App profile
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    fill in the App profile
  10. According to the prompts to enter the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    in accordance with the prompts in order to enter the
    error: if the upload App icon fails, prompt Alpha error, then look at the following.
    open your icon image, tick off the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    hook off this
  11. Click on the rating of the back of the editor, truthfully fill out, click to complete the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    classification information
  12. Fill in the
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    to fill in the audit information audit information
    version is: (then the word is automatically posted below if approved, it is automatically uploaded to App Store for people to download)
  13. At this point the build version has not yet generated, we first fill out the basic information, and then into the Xcode to send the project package to come over.
    note: be sure to click on the top right corner to save.

Seven, packaged in Xcode Engineering

Find the certificate you have just downloaded (suffix.Cer) or p12 file, and the PP file, double-click, does not seem to respond, but they have been added to your keychain.

  1. Select iOS Xcode in the Device (where you can not choose the simulator), according to the following tips to operate
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    select iOS
  2. If your application does not support the horizontal screen, the two hooks removed
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    if your application does not support the horizontal screen, the removal of the two hooks
  3. View version number and build version
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    view version number and build version number
  4. Configure publishing Certificate (select ps: screenshot certificate is wrong, your attention, should choose to publish
    IOS App shelf process (2016) certificate)
    configuration issuing certificates
    note: if there is no yellow exclamation mark, on behalf of your configuration if there is no problem, that is, certificate and description file does not match the description file or just choose the Bundle and the Bundle Identifier project now is not the same, go to to find you in the description file to confirm the binding of bundle to Identifier and your project is not the same?
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
  5. The breakpoint, global breakpoints, Zombie mode, etc. to be removed.
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    remove breakpoints, global breakpoints
IOS App shelf process (2016)
IOS App shelf process (2016)
IOS App shelf process (2016)
remove Zombie mode

6 set the Release mode (Debug is the test, Release is released for use)

IOS App shelf process (2016)
IOS App shelf process (2016)
IOS App shelf process (2016)
IOS App shelf process (2016)

7 select Xcode under Archive Product (specifically for the project, or packaged items)

IOS App shelf process (2016)
select Archive
IOS App shelf process (2016)
IOS App shelf process (2016)

8 the following figure shows that you did not add developer account, click on the lower right foot Add button can add

IOS App shelf process (2016)
did not add developer account

9 enter the paid developer account

IOS App shelf process (2016)
input developer account

may pop up the following interface, if not pop, press Command.

IOS App shelf process (2016)

10 then go back to Archive (select paid account), and then click Choose

IOS App shelf process (2016)
select paid account

then wait for

IOS App shelf process (2016)

11 select Upload to submit

IOS App shelf process (2016)
Upload submission

12 on behalf of the successful upload, if an error, please refer to the iOS App upload project encountered problems

IOS App shelf process (2016)
upload success

13 and last return ItunesConnect website on your own App information check

IOS App shelf process (2016)
view in App information

14 here you can add code

IOS App shelf process (2016)
add code

Click + number to select the code version

IOS App shelf process (2016)
add build version

15 submitted for review

IOS App shelf process (2016)
submitted for review

16.App has been prepared from submission, becoming pending audit status

IOS App shelf process (2016)
is waiting for audit status

17 waiting for Apple’s audit…

Eight, supplement

1, there are two versions of the method, one is the use of Xcode (above has been introduced), and the other is to use a software called Application Loader:

IOS App shelf process (2016)
Application Loader
  • Use Xcode to build version:
    above has been introduced (has Archive, Organizer in Xcode: Window can enter the ->
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    Upload) to App Store…
  • Use Application Loader build version: as above, click on “Export…”, export a IPA file (ps: for insurance purposes, so that Apple audit a little bit, you can click on “Validate…” To verify it, here is to verify the Application Loader download Xcode) when you have downloaded (no please download), Xcode pop-up right below
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    Open Developer Tool interface
    Application Loader open (if not logged in, you will be prompted to log in to your account
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    developer) Application Loader
    select your IPA file (or double-click the “delivery application” to your IPA file, then select) according to the prompts on the line, uploaded without wrong, a few minutes can see the version you upload in iTunes Connect.
    IOS App shelf process (2016)
    build version

Add on these, and then meet the additional! Personal suggestion build version using Application Loader upload