Instructions for sports and fitness topics in 2017

Instructions for sports and fitness topics in 2017
movement, harvest better oneself

Contributions to sports fitness 2017: encouraging excellence, focusing on quality

“&amp” sports; fitness project since its inception in 2016, included the 8000, harvest Sishibawanyu attention, WeChat group also has reached thousands of scale, thanks to recognition and support of the author readers.

With the expansion of the topic, the amount of contributions continues to increase, we hope that in the article can allow readers to search for scientific, reasonable, effective and high-quality articles. In accordance with the principle of “encouraging novices”, a large number of new works have been collected. In 2017, the manuscript review requirements will also be adjusted in this regard. “Encouraging good works, paying attention to quality” is enough for scientific and reasonable articles to be included. In the new year, we hope to be able to introduce the authors who belong to the theme of sports &amp and fitness.

Therefore, the corresponding topic submission requirements have also changed, the summary of topics included in the article principles are as follows:

What are the basic requirements for the subject of “sports &amp? Fitness”?

1, word requirements: long and short patchwork. Sports story is not less than 1500 words, sports tools recommend not less than 1000 words, dry sports not less than 600 words, the article limit 5000 words, too long suggest you divided into the next edition editor contribution.

2, typesetting requirements: articles, paragraphs, fonts, pictures and other typesetting beautiful. Insert at least 1 pictures, at most not more than 6 pictures, too many pictures suggest that you vote for “photography” topic.

3, Title Requirements: title and content consistent, word number is reasonable. The title of the article and the requirements of the article, can not be too title party; title of the word length is not more than 20 words, no title article temporarily not included.

4, content requirements: reasonable and effective, having substance in speech exercise related. This topic contains about sports and fitness experience experience, personal experience, fitness and skills, exercise guidelines recommend sharing and other related to sports (sports music recommendation, film video recommendation, body weight loss, face lift, etc.) all the.

Novels not included, special submission please vote “short story fiction”; sports commentary is not included, please vote for submission “Sports” project; water record is temporarily not included; personal summary of extensive content, suggest you split the submission.

5, the article shall not have any promotional information. Including but not limited to the public number, micro-blog, WeChat, watercress, QQ personal data; the chain is not necessary; the image watermark, watermark is WeChat or website promotion is suspected; reward bar text describing personal information promotion; not joined in the promotion of information through the submission and then modify the article. You can put these promotions and personal information on your personal homepage.

6, legal content is not extreme, and the relevant provisions of the national requirements are not inconsistent.

The purpose of sports fitness is to provide reasonable and effective fitness suggestions for everyone, and encourage everyone to harvest health in the right way. The article will also take this as the basic point, I hope you can write more and better works.

Two. After submitting articles, what editors will recommend manually to the home page by “sports &amp? Fitness” editor?

1, the article meets the basic requirements of the above topics.

2, the article appearance: paragraph layout beautiful, no messy code and other errors. With no clear promotion watermark and other information. Sentence, less typos. Size Title Logic clear. The use of black and italic text format is appropriate, keep beautiful, smooth reading.

3, the article content: content originality. Title should be consistent with the content of the article, do not use false exaggerated headlines.


1. exercise fitness experience paste: the first race, what is the feeling of the horse

2. weight loss experience paste: ten years of weight loss road success and failure

3. person experience post: running is not enough, 2K also run? Count!

4. methods and tricks: I’m no longer an elephant leg

5. recommendation: how to choose a pair of jogging shoes

6. sports music and video stickers: want to keep fit and healthy? Take a look at these documentaries

(included the special content standards are difficult to quantify, the above is only for reference but also from multiple classifiers to write, you can write down your feelings today, share your exercise fitness experience, inform us of the methods and techniques, as long as everything is related with sports can)

It is not difficult to get the recommended home page, as long as you feel your life and record it well ~

Three. How to contact the editor in chief and more sports fans in Jane’s book?

If you want to communicate with the editor and other sports fans in the short book, please add the administrator’s personal WeChat (cjqnba), add WeChat, note your simple book ID. After the administrator will drag you to join the official book WeChat group: [Jane book – Sports & fitness]. Whether you are a sports coach or exercise white, or simply like sports, as long as you love sports, then move, join the WeChat group!

Thank you for your understanding and support. More contributions can not be answered one by one, please try to refer to the requirements of this article. If there is still any doubt, please contact with the editor in chief.

In addition, the title of the party, no scientific basis, wrong receipt, plagiarism articles, welcome to brief letter chief editor report, once determined to remove the article, the plot is serious never included.

Please see the contract requirements: “Jane book signing authors upgrade”

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To review: 2017, good luck in the new year, Valentine’s Day special event ran out: if you love, please step out!

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Finally, thank you again for your support!