In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the “change” list for 3 months

Today, I finished my financial management course in an open class platform and started preparing for the final exam after two weeks. In a long course App Keep reporting is also nearing completion.

The two part from start to finish things, let me just like the two beams of rusting life, a feeling of light.

In fact, the past year has been a very bad year for me. After leaving the identity of students, life is always impulsive, inexplicable anxiety, frequent emptiness of occupation.

In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the

In the library in the morning before the opening night to sit close, but now even a little article to be read several times. A month ago, a book, chasing the American TV, watching news, practice drawing, every day is full of fun.

Most of the time after graduation, I couldn’t get interested in everything. I didn’t want to see the book, and then half of the American TV series didn’t have fun. The news App was shut off by me, and the brush was rarely picked up.

Some time ago, I finally plucked up courage, stood here looking back the past year, root search, trying to find the reason why I live too bad, want to collapse in the ruins of life to rebuild the so-called “better” themselves”.

Lean is not the only aesthetic, but getting fat makes me unhappy

There is a McDonald’s downstairs, I don’t know when to eat with McDonald’s packages sent to the. Tired of working in the afternoon, together with colleagues to eat a chicken wing, buy a cola cheer up. Unhappy, stressed, as if only junk food could help.

In the first half of the year, McDonald’s and Burger King seem to be my canteen, the ultimate solution to what to eat. After work, you often have dinner with good colleagues, barbecue, hot pot, spicy pot, no meat, no hot, no spicy, covet the present carefree.

Meaningless Carnival fills up most of the lonely time, and it avoids being alone with me, not to mention exercising and learning.

Gradually, I found the jeans button in my waist out of a swimming laps, before the skirt to wear clothes to buy Le feel hungry, hovering between S and M. I often look at the fat on my waist in the fitting room, and the desire to buy is gone, leaving all my disgust for myself.

Of course, there is no single standard, good path is not only thin so one. Just for me, swimming ring, extruded into M code clothes, loose waist fat is me without restraint, make life worse remind, reminding me of the “restraint” in the face of failure, it shows a bad fall trend to me.

This is totally different from the life I’m pursuing. It makes me unhappy.

I understand that those who show up in the circle of friends and show the results of their exercise, actually show not only good figure, they make me envy is not a good figure. They show restraint, the ability to control their own lives. This is the real luxury.

Watching other people’s lives in social media with their own lives

To a company, a home, the first thing is to open the WeChat open circle of friends, called: “I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, see red dot on the uncomfortable. “Idle hours without work seem to be tossed about in micro-blog, collecting a pile of things that have never been opened before.”.

I found that the more empty, more willing to plunge into the social media to visit other people’s life, seems to take people’s poetry and distance to his eyes struggling in grafting.

Time management article always said, to manage their own time, we must first understand the whereabouts of their own time. When I asked myself, “where did time go?” I had to face a bloody truth: you used to read interesting books, watch American TV, learn painting time, and drown in that 4.7 inch screen.

And the time I invested in it, returned to me, seemed like nothing more than to think that my life was not worth living.

In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the

I became so focused and impatient that I couldn’t see a long article if it was so smart without a few paragraphs. Micro-blog digital pictures and the 140 word information, enlarge my desire like a lever, I’ll be a brand new Amway lipstick, while also because fashion bloggers recommended a clothing brand as a sign that the heart, only a moment to express to brush their own sense of presence.

I know someone else’s life, who, who, who is full moon, who, who, who 520, when the husband sent a big red envelope, who, who traveled abroad, who, who worked overtime, then what about myself? If at the end of the year to write their own summary of this year, I can not put someone else’s wonderful written into my history.

On the Internet, your temperament hides the books you’ve read, the road you’ve traveled, the places you’ve visited, the people you’ve met. Indeed, when I was in the “wonderful flower” in the “King” for example, when I looked at her, found that her hair is most of her reading notes.

I suddenly fear – I can not let others see from my temperament is the funny stuff in micro-blog

To save their own lives to coax her own

When I am determined to make your life better, to love myself, I did a few things: hand movement, determined to account, after a door, regular reading method.

He bought himself a long hobo weekly hand book, the beginning of every month to want to make a list of things this month, the next week to make a list of things every Sunday night, then put these goals down to the day, write second days to do every night.

Visualizing what I want to do and what I want to do will make me plan and plan every day, knowing that I have something to do, and no longer roaming like a headless fly into my cell phone.

In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the
In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the

Learn how to use the hand account transaction management recommended time, Japan’s Misaki Sato Megumi “magic” account, which combined with the detailed, teach you how to use the hand account management time.

In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the
In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the

Exercise is the best cure for adjustment of status, all emotional Difficult miscellaneous diseases.

In their own aversion to endure, I decided to start running. In view of the fact that I had been running for three days and fishing for two days, I found a way for myself to make running a habit.

At the beginning of deciding how to run, I set myself a goal of running three times a week, two kilometers a week. Two kilometers away, I did not run, after three days running, I did not run that week.

Every Wednesday day, two kilometers a day for those accustomed to the movement of people is child’s play a trivial matter, but I want to let the body do not love sports, wont give up yourself a warm up.

I heard the voice of the goal in the step application, and had a small sense of achievement. It makes me realize the satisfaction of the goal, one hundred times more comfortable than lying on the mobile phone. Whenever I’m too lazy to go out and do not want to exercise, I can comfort myself: “not just two kilometers, and it’s pretty soon.”. “

So, from two kilometers to three kilometers, from three times a week to five times a week, I watched myself a little bit of progress, and rebuilt my sense of approval.

Before of the open class has interest, mostly went nowhere. This is the first time I’ve ever completed an online open class, so I’m very excited about the upcoming end of the semester.

I insisted that the course be a combination of my hobby and it. I like stationery, I like to buy pens, notebooks, but leaving the campus, these pens and notebooks are useless.

So I took a course, took notes with my favorite notebook and pen, and made every day after school hours a relaxation. It was time for me to get along with things I liked.

In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the
In order to save the boring and empty life, I adhered to the

It is a contest between me and myself to remember the hand, the sports, the class, and so on. These little tricks of their own, said to others, and even some ridiculous.

But I know your swimming ring will slowly disappear in these sports, I can save the class notes or reading notes, my life will not deteriorate but recovery even better, this kind of feeling hopeful that I can ignore the present situation, no longer see farther anxiety.

Now in the multi value society, the positive enterprising life and brush micro-blog wine and dine Enron fat is very difficult to argue the merits of life.

But it’s hard to fool yourself, because you’re the one who knows the answer best.