Implementing a Weapon class

Im trying to implement a Weapon class for an RPG game, and each weapon class should have a series of properties defined, like if its One handed, Throwable, Melee, ranged…

Since each of this properties has its own behaviors, I was thinking of making each property an interface and implementing them on each weapon class according to my needs. However, I have no idea how to get to know what properties any given weapon has.

For example, lets assume every interface has a method called String getDescription():

class Dagger extends Weapon implements OneHanded, Throwable, Concealable{

    Something getProperties(){
         //No clue of what to do

And in another part of the code:

Weapon dagger = new Dagger;
Something properties = dagger.getProperties();
for (Something s : properties){ System.println(s.getDescription);}


Weapon w = new Dagger();
if (w instanceof TwoHanded){...}

Is there a way to implement a method like getProperties that behaves how I expect it to? Is there any other way to approach this issue?

I think it would be a better system to have a rendering class inside the weapons class. In the constructor of the weapons class do something like this:

String whatHand, whatWeapon;
boolean throwable, concealable;

public Weapons(String whatHand, String whatWeapon, boolean throwable, 
boolean Concealable){ //The two last booleans could be assigned to what weapon was chosen

    this.whatHand = whatHand;
    this.whatWeapon = whatHand;
    this.throwable = whatHand;
    this.concealable = whatHand;


And in whatever class you want to add a weapon do:

Weapons w = new Weapons(hand, weapon, throw, conceal);

Of course I dont know how you render your objects so ill let you do that yourself. Also if you want to add multiple weapons you could always make a list consisting of weapons. I can show you that as well.

And also if you wanted access to the different properties of the weapon in another class you would probably have to make getters and setters inside the class where you initialized the weapon.