Image registration

hello any ideas on how to do a simple image registration (I have IMAGE1 and IMAGE2 takes from the same subject, but with camera moving a little and want to match IMAGE2 with IMAGE1)? I checked MANY softwares to do that, but they’re all focused on medical images, so I couldn’t input a simple JPEG (one even allowed PGM, but didn’t work).


Registration form – upload image

I’m working on a registration form for a website, I’m trying to upload a photo to the server and pass the file path on to the database. This is probably just a simple issue, as i’m quite the beginner

DICOM image registration using ITK

I’m working on a project (VS2012 and C#) that includes image registration. I basically need to extract the points cloud from a stack of DICOM images in a directory. I’ve researched ActiViz, VTK, ITK e

Image registration in python

I am working on a project which requires to find how much a new image has shifted and rotated w.r.t the old image. I am trying to implement it using fft. However, it works for some cases and fails for

image registration(non-rigid / nonlinear)

I’m looking for some algorithm (preferably if source code available) for image registration. Image deformation can’t been described by homography matrix(because I think that distortion not symmetrical

Image Registration and affine transformation in Python

I have been reading Programming Computer Vision with Python by Jan Erik Solem which is a pretty good book, however I haven’t been able to clarify a question regarding image registration. Basically, we

Image upload integration to registration page [closed]

Please give me advise: I want to integrate image upload to my registration process. Do you know some plugin or script for this purpose (upload, resize, put link to db_table)?

load image on movieclip registration point problem

to load an image onto a movieclip, the mc’s registration point must be top left. Is there a way of loading the image on the whole movieclip, when it’s reg point is not top left. In other words to set

Temporarily upload profile image in Django during registration?

In a Django application, during registration, I want the user to be able to see the profile image he/she selects, rather than just see a path as done purely using django forms (for an example of what

FosUserBundle registration validation new image field

I am using FOSUserBundle and i have problem with validation user entity. In my user entity i have: /** * @Assert/NotBlank() * @Assert/File( * maxSize=3M, * mimeTypes={image/png, image/jpeg, im

upload image during registration in

I am developing a student registration form in there are two tables viz std_registration and gallery(having pic_id and pic_url). During registration, before the click of submit button i want


To solve this problem you need to break it up into managable steps. 1. You have to have a set of similar points (this is typically found by feature detection) or user selection. 2. Once you have the points needed you need to find the transformation matrix between the two images (based on the given points you recieved). 3. Use the transformation matrix to translate one image onto another.

Things That Should Help:

  1. Feature Detection Algorithms: SIFT
  2. Topic that this is under in computer vision: Photo stitching, Homographies, Image Registration

There is an excellent package called “ANTS”, which you should refer to:

You may also like to look into a popular package called “ITK”: