IconBros – High Quality Free Icon Set in SVG and PNG Format

IconBros provides high-quality icon set in SVG and PNG format for free download.

There are numerous web and icon sets on the Internet, it contains free icon sets and paid icon sets.

In general, there are many high-quality free icon libraries provides the free download of your choice. Of course, sometime the icon must be with your existing design style, then you may need to buy the icon from the web.

The simpler design can be more integrated into more style, so I often find it from the more concise icon library. Such as Maki Icons, Ionicons, Zondicons, and Feather are relatively iconic sets for various designs.

Today, w3cgeek.com will recommend a great high-quality free icon set for you that is IconBros.

IconBros - High Quality Free Pictorial Set In SVG and PNG Format

The features of IconBros is the composition of the lines, looks very simple, although only about 200+ icons are included, the IconBros is continuing to develop more icon!

At IconBros, you may not be able to find all the icons you need at one go, but you can add tracking, which updates and opens several different sources each day for free download.

The icon powered by IconBros website is available in two graphic formats, including SVG (Vector Graphics) and PNG (Bitmap), which should be able to meet the needs of most users.

In addition, IconBros also has an open font “Linear Basic Font”, which can quickly apply the icon set to the interface design, through the CSS way to load patterns, for web developers is a very easy to use free resources.

According to IconBros license, these icon set can be used for personal or non-commercial, commercial purposes. They can also be adjusted according to their own needs or change the graphic design, without marking the source of origin.

Website: IconBros

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