IBM Plex – IBM Designed Free Font For Download

IBM Plex is  IBM designs font, you can free download IBM Plex family and IBM Type Sketch File, also provides three font types and style guides on its.

IBM developed a new free font named as “IBM Plex” and released it to free open for everyone, so you can download it for free!

In addition, an “IBM Type” style guide is provided to carefully standardize the use of examples. Such as what kind of word weight, size, spacing, writing style, line height, and alignment, which should be used when the page is displayed.

In recent years, many companies began to focus on their own design style, and these details often represent a company’s cultural or spirit. If you are a designer, you can find a lot of inspiration from IBM Plex. And apply that to Web or other products design to achieve better visual effects.

IBM Plex Family consists of three font types: Sans-serif, Serif and Mono.

The IBM Plex family comes in sans serif, monospace and serif versions to serve a variety of needs across all experiences.


People who are familiar with English fonts are no stranger to these three font types. Each category has eight different types of letters: Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Text, Regular, Medium, Bold, SemiBold, also has an italic design for the Italic series.

It is worth mentioning that IBM Plex designed font files for Windows and Mac in .ttf and .otf format, also comes with Sketch App file. If you want to apply it to the web page font, IBM Plex also provides web fonts: .woff and .woff2 format. It almost all can be said to take care of all the needs.

IBM Type Detail Specifies the best way to use IBM Plex fonts. Such as when using a web page, it is recommended to use only SemiBold, Regular, and Light. The line height and character spacing must be in accordance with the font size have different settings to maintain the overall feeling of the font.

IBM Type also provides some examples of actual font settings that are a very well-read style guide for designers who want to use IBM Plex fonts.

Free Download: IBM Plex Family