How to use the debugger with ruby 2.0?

I know the debugger gem is not compatible yet with ruby 2.0 See here

In the changelog of ruby 2.0, we can see this :

Debug support

DTrace support, which enables run-time diagnosis in

production TracePoint, which is an improved tracing API

So my question is, is there something out of the box for debugging with ruby 2.0 ? Can somebody explain this to me?

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I can’t get debugger installed to work in my ruby files. Can anyone see what the problem is? I did ‘require debugger’ at the top of my file.rb and got this error when I ran ruby file.rb rubygems/custo

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Is there a ruby visual debugger that i can run from the linux terminal? And if so, how do i run it?


The version 1.4.0 of the debugger gem now installs without problems.

There are still some issues but this should be fixed soon.


The debugger gem does not play well with ruby 2, install the gem byebug that is fully compatible with ruby 2.

Gem debugger can be used but it still has issues.

Install gem byebug (written for ruby 2.0 debugging)

And for breakpoints, use byebug command in your code instead of debugger.

Use pry (

gem install pry
gem install pry-debugger

As Alain said the gem byebug should do the trick, the only thing is you might have to also add require ‘byebug’ to the top of the file you want to debug.