How to use session on Google app engine

I’m building an application using Google app engine with python, and I’m stuck with making sessions. Is there any app that already does that for app engine? Thank you.

How to use Session on Google app engine

I do not know how to use Session on Google app engine. Please tell me. Thanks.

google app engine session

what is java app engine,default session time out ? will that be any bad impact if we set sesion time out to very very long time, since google app engine session is just store in datastore by default?

Session Timeout in Google App Engine Struts 2

What is the default session timeout in Google App Engine? How to set the session timeout in Google App Engine, in Struts 2 application. Any reference/docs on session in GAE? Thanks

How to use Coffeescript on Google App Engine

Does anyone know if it is possible to use Coffeescript on Google App Engine? If so how can this be done with the app engine Python or Go platforms?

How can use Google App Engine with MS-SQL

I use python 2.7 pyodbc module google app engine 1.7.1 I can use pydobc with python but the Google App Engine can’t load the module. I get a no module named pydobc error. How can I fix this error o

Google App Engine Java session latency price

We need to enable java servlet sessions support for one Google App Engine project, but session will be used only in one servlet (small isolated part of application). Would we get some increased latenc

[Google App Engine]How to use filter()?

I’m getting started with Google App Engine, and I want to make something like twitter. class User(db.Model): account = db.StringProperty() password = db.StringProperty() name = db.StringProperty() cla

How to use google app engine with ajax (json)?

How to use google app engine with ajax (json)? Now I have this but I got this error: raise ValueError("No JSON object could be decoded") ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded f

Session handling in Django Python with Google App Engine

I am currently using Google App Engine to host my Django applications. I want to implement sessions in my Django application. I cannot use the default session handling of Django because it is not supp

Google App Engine Email

I use the following method to send email in the Google App Engine servlet : void Send_Email(String From,String To,String Message_Text) { Properties props=new Properties(); Session session=Session.get


I recommend gae-sessions. The source includes demos which show how to use it, including how to integrate with the Users API or RPX/JanRain.

Disclaimer: I wrote gae-sessions, but for an informative comparison of it with alternatives, read this article.