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I just documented loads of my code and learnt how to use sphinx to generate the documentation. I want to include that into my github project page but I do not know how to. Does anyone know existing tutorial or simple step to do so?


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github will serve static content for you using their github pages feature. Essentially, you create a branch called gh-pages, into which you commit your static pages. The pages are then served at

See the instructions at

You will likely run into an issue using Sphinx on github, because Sphinx uses directories with leading underscores. You can fix this by adding a file called .nojekyll in the the directory with the generated sphinx html.

github-tools has a feature doing exactly what you are asking for:

paver gh_pages_create gh_pages_build

Refer to the excellent documentation (of course using itself) for how to set it up for your project.

John Paulett’s answer is obviously correct and likely sufficient for most users already (+1).

Alternatively you might want to check out Ben Welsh’s thorough tutorial Sphinx documentation on GitHub, which provides step by step instructions as well as a convenient Fabric based script/task tying those together to get you started to Quickly publish documentation alongside your code […] via a single command.