How to uninstall cocos2d templates?

– Just few hours ago I intalled cocos2d 2.x
– But just before it I delete template files of cocos2d 1.0.1
– Now I can’t see template files of cocos2d 2.x
– In Xcode both of the templates are visible, and I can use them.

Question: How I can delete cocos2d 1.0.1 templates, if I already delete files of this templates? Why I can’t see files of cocos2d 2.x?

Thanks in advance!

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Try looking at this link: You might need to manually remove the files if all else fails. Hope it helps! šŸ™‚

This will be helpful for those who try to reinstall or delete Cocos2D Templates!

  • If you delete all the files from thi path: ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/
  • If you tried to delete it with command in cd “your path” ./ -u -f
  • If you tried to reinstall

Nothing helps?

I found solution of this problem!

What you need to do is:

  • Open the Finder
  • Press Shift-Command-G
  • Enter the Path: /Users/Your_Username/Library/Developer
  • Press Go
  • Open Xcode Folder
  • Open Templates Folder
  • Delete Cocos2D Folder
  • Open File Templates Folder
  • Delete Cocos2D Folder

That’s all!

P.S As well you can modify the names of templates and tabs in Xcode. Simply just by renaming folders of the templates.

P.P.S By the way right now you can upgrade to Cocos2D 2.x. Download it from here: Cocos2D

For Xcode 5.1 and later

Command+Alt+G (go to) /Users//Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates

Then delete 3d party templates folder.