How to store images with Meteor on Herokuapp

Problem: Store Images location using FilesCollection (ostrio:files)


import { FilesCollection } from 'meteor/ostrio:files';
Images = new FilesCollection({
    collectionName  : 'Images',
    storagePath     : "./Photos",
    downloadRoute   : "/Photos",
    allowClientCode : true, // Required to let you remove uploaded file
    debug           : false,
    public          : true

Note: I tried setting the store path to: process.env.PWD + ‘/Photos’ and “/public/Images”, and everywhere else i could think of!

Target Location: I want to save files to “/public/Photos/”

Note 2: I noticed that all the images links become broken after each new deployment, that is, if I uploaded an image then the link becomes life until the next deployment.

PS: I’m using Meteor 1.5, Horse-Buildpack, mlab DB