How to save file from multiple edittext

I am developing app that will save file as txt file and get string from Edittext. But the problem is I cannot get string from two Edittext from this code :
String [] saveText =
String.valueOf(FirstEditText.getText()).split(System.getP. roperty(“line.separator”));

If I add one more like this code to make like this

String [] saveText =
String.valueOf(firstEdittext.getText()).split(System.getP. roperty(“line.separator”));

String [] saveText =
String.valueOf(secondEditText.getText()).split(System.getP. roperty(“line.separator”));

The secondEdittext will only be saved in external .
I don’t know how to make this two Edittext saved same time as I click the save button in one txt file. Thank you

By the way here is my original code with one Edittext

      public void buttonSave (View view)
    editText = (EditText) findViewById(;
    title = (EditText)findViewById(;

    File file = new File (path +"/"+ title.getText() + ".txt");
    String [] saveText = String.valueOf(editText.getText()).split(System.getProperty("line.separator"));