How to make slider work on page load?

I have a scenario,I used idangero swiper for swiping the images,here my problem is when page loads the swiper is not working,when I reloading it,working properly(I.e; It is not taking transform property when page loads).

Js code:

  vm.onSwipe= function () {
            vm.tslider = new Swiper('.tslider ', {
                slidesPerView: 3 


     <div class="swiper-wrapper tslider ">
                <div class="swiper-slide"  prsnlty-Image-Slider="onLoadSlider">
                    <div  ng-repeat="data in smyData"> 
                        <img ng-src="{{data.img}} />
                        <p class="trtstxt">{{data.txt}}</p>

Any help would be appreciated.

Any one please help me..How to solve this?.