How to get firebug profiler to show functions as non-anonymous

On a Mac, Firebug outputs proper function names in profiler mode. On a PC, allmost all functions are logged as ‘anonymous’. In this instance, almost all the function calls are prototype methods. Is there a way to get at the function names on the PC version? A setting?

Here’s the difference. You can see why the PC version is far inferior. This is profiling the exact same code! (Running FF 9, Latest stable Firebug) How to get firebug profiler to show functions as non-anonymous

How Can I Get the Arguments of Function Calls from the Firebug Profiler?

Firebug profiler outputs the functions called, but not the arguments/parameters of each function call. Is there any way to get those arguments? I’ve dug through the DOM tab for any of the given funct

Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug get 502 bad gateway

If I use Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug – I get very often (80%) 502 bad gateway. If i change to Zend_Db_Profiler – it’s ok, but is very interesting why Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug get error. Code $this->bo

Understanding Firebug profiler output

I’ve been trying to use Firebug’s profiler to better understand the source of some JavaScript performance issues we are seeing, but I’m a little confused by the output. When I profile some code the pr

Exclude files from Firebug Profiler?

Is there a way to exclude a file/scope from Firebug’s Profiler? I would like to profile my app without it looking through jQuery at the same time. šŸ™‚

How to show HTML comments in Firebug?

I want to know how to show HTML comments within the HTML panel of Firebug. I am using a Knockout.js template including HTML comments. And it would be helpful if I could see these comments in Firebug.

How to show the number of times functions are called in Instruments Time Profiler

I’ve tried every possible fields but can not find the number of times functions are called. Besides, I don’t get Self and # Self. What do these two numbers mean?

firebug – how can I detect what functions have been called or from where a function has been called

I am trying to optimize a script and I’m using firebug profiler to see what functions use most time to start from there. My problem is that the script uses jQuery and raphaeljs and their functions, e

Firebug pale colors in HTML tab – how to show them

How could I somehow show styles for invisible tags showed in Firebug? I have no idea why they are pale/invisible and I need to find out why.

How to use Firebug’s debugger functions?

I don’t have an experience with any debugger tools geared towards my language, but I recently found some videos showcasing Firebug. I’m now using Firebug on a script in which I included an error. My c

Get PostData as in FireBug

Anyone, help me, how to get Headers and PostData inside extension, using xpcom/something else? i cant find functions inside firebug due to it is big codebase… thank you guys


I don’t know, but I’d suggest posting to Firebug’s user group: . Good luck!

If nothing else works, you can always name the function:

var functionVariable = function nameVisibleToDebugger(parameters) {