How to find xpaths of depth tags of an div element?

<div class="buttonContainer">
        <label for="btn_123456">
                <img style="visibility:hidden;">
<div class="buttonContainer">
<div class="buttonContainer">
<div class="buttonContainer">

To locate the elements for each div element goes like this, //div[@class=’buttonContainer’][1] , //div[@class=’buttonContainer’][2] and so on.

Text content varies for each div element, under img tag.
How to locate the elements based on it’s text content (optimized)?

//span[contains(text(),’Text1′)] Irrespective of div elements.

try with the xpath like //div[@class=’buttonContainer’]/label/span[contains(text(),’Text1′]

For more specific xpath you can write like
Div[1]/label/span/img for the above example. This way you can write the relative xpath from html/body/……