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I’m trying to do the following in a proc, but getting an incorrect syntax error:

SELECT TOP @NumberOfResultsToReturn *

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

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This is supported in SQL Server 2005 and later, but not in SQL Server 2000. What version are you using?

Add parenthesis:

SELECT TOP (@NumberOfResultsToReturn) *

SQL Server: Put the argument in parens:

SELECT TOP (@NumberOfResultsToReturn) *

You may have to use the RowNumber() method instead.

Here is an example:

SET @PageNum = 2;
SET @PageSize = 10;

      FROM dbo.Orders

  FROM OrdersRN
 WHERE RowNum BETWEEN (@PageNum - 1) * @PageSize + 1 
                  AND @PageNum * @PageSize
 ORDER BY OrderDate

EDIT Or you could use parentheses…which I was unaware of at the time šŸ™‚ Thanks guys.

I’m afraid you can’t do this in SQL 2000, but you can try to construct the query

set @query = 'SELECT TOP ' + @NumberOfResultsToReturn + '* FROM table'
EXEC @query

I didn’t know the parenthesis trick for SQL 2005, thanks too guys, !!!

Here’s how I was doing it in the old times:

SET @@ROWCOUNT = @NumberOfResultsToReturn
SELECT ........

This will work, although SELECT TOP (@NumberOfResultsToReturn) is preferable if you’re using SQL server that supports this syntax: