How to deconstruct and assign to class property


I would like to deconstruct an object similar to this

const {header, content} =

where data has

data: {header: ‘some header’, content: ‘some content’}

to a class attribute so I can call

this.header or this.content

anywhere in the class.

What I have tried

I was assuming it would be something like this

{this.header, this.content} =


this {header, content} =

but both throw errors.


Is it even possible to deconstruct assign directly to class properties?

You can do it with destructuring, because the target of a destructuring assignment can be just about anything you can assign to, but it doesn’t really buy you much:

({header : this.header, content: this.content} = data);

(Parens are only needed so the { doesn’t look like the start of a block.)

Live Example: