How to Configure PHP executable in Visual Studio Code where my setup is Vagrant Ubuntu 16.06 in Windows 10 Host machine

I have vagrant setup in my machine and I am using Homestead 7 Laravel Box for PHP development. My Host computer is running Windows 10.

I am using Visual Studio Code 1.15.1.

My PHP executable is not set in Visual Studio setting. How can I configure PHP executable in my current development environment?

To set it in Visual Studio Code, do the following

  • Go to File -> Preferences -> Settings.
  • Look for the the setting php.validate.executablePath = null,.
  • Point it to the location of the php.exe. (e.g. C:/php/php.exe).
  • Finally, copy it onto the User Settings pane on the right side then save.
  • Output should look like this: php.validate.executablePath = “C:/php/php.exe”,