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Try this:

Go into Settings (File > Settings or ctrl+alt+S). Under Project Settings, select the “Compiler” node. On the left, uncheck “Clear output directory on rebuild”.

Note that this is a per project setting. If desired, change it in the project template settigs (Settings > Other Settings > Template Settings).

Click File -> Invalidate caches

As seen here

How to clean project cache in Intellij idea?(like eclipse's clean)

You can delete caches manually in home/.IntelliJIdeaXX/system. Read this for more info on cache locations.

Maybe not THE answer, but it’s definitely AN answer.

If nothing else is working for you, go the nuclear option: Close IDEA and delete the “…/.IntelliJIdea/system” directory using your local file system tools.

The .IntelliJIdea directory is usually found in your home directory. Your IDE configuration is in the “…/.IntelliJIdea/config” directory, so it should be fine.

Obviously, this is not the “IDEA” way to do it and would be completely unsupported by JetBrains. Also – I don’t use Android Studio so I dunno if this will cause problems, but there you go.

It’s worked for me before when I’ve had problems getting IDEA to start and nothing else works to get me going. Maybe back up your entire .IntelliJIdea directory if you have a morbid fear of losing all your work >.<

IDEA 13 is out now, so it’s worth noting that Jetbrains have now added an easy way to do this: “File/Invalidate Caches”.


(other answer remains the way to do it with IDEA 12)

Go to the command line and type:

$ mvn clean

This clears the target subdirectory, fast and easy.

(There might also be a way to do this inside the IDE, but I’ve not seen it.)