How to change View Controller in Xcode depending on user input?

I know this is a really simple question and yet I can’t seem to find anything on it. If I wanted an app/system
like this
how would I go about actually implementing it? I assume that I wouldn’t have a new View Controller for every user choice, but rather just change the appearance of the same View Controller.

For context, the overall layout would be pretty consistent: an image on the top of the screen, and two text labels for choices that the user would choose between by clicking/touching. Depending on the choice, the View Controller would change.

Any answer, from article/reference links to snippets to just full-blown code, is appreciated; thanks!

If I’m understanding what you want (Which I hope I am)

The View Controller wouldn’t change, the views would. The choices would just be buttons that change the View content. So when you press choice 1, it goes to the choice 1 image and changes the button so that it goes to a second set of choices.

In essence, this is basically just a single view controller with 2 buttons and an image view, whose properties change based on the button tapping.

Just add methods for each choice button that changes the IBAction and IBOutlet properties, and connect them to the correct buttons.