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I have built an app for Apple’s App Store, now I want to submit the app to the Cydia store. How can I do this? Should I just post the file built for the App Store to the Cydia store?

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There are a few differences compiling your app for Cydia vs the App Store. Big Boss does a good job explaining the difference in his post: How to Compile for Cydia Submission

In terms of building an actual full application, I believe the development process is the same but the compiling and preperation of the binary is different. The provided link is a good resource

If you intend to make a tweak which hooks into existing Apple classes and methods then you need something like theos by DHowett, a good basic tutorial is here

Well first of al if your is the .app file found in the payload folder of a .ipa file, then disregard this next step. Anyway, open up, go to payload, and then take out Make the Now go to and upload your Then when it’s done, download your new .deb file.

You should check out iOSOpenDev. It incorporates a lot of Cydia tweaks, Theos, Activator and all kinds of other things into Xcode. It allows you to create a new (Cydia) tweak of your choice and you can even launch that tweak on your device from Xcode.

To submit an “App Store” app, you would need to make sure you adjust the user directories. Since you will install the app into /Applications, there will be no sandbox; no Documents directory dedicated to just your application.

You will also need to sign your app with ldid. This “fake” code-signs your application so it can run in iOS. To submit the app to Cydia, you would need to find a repo you are comfortable with hosting the app, like BigBoss.

Be careful though, submitting an App Store app to Cydia could potentially get your app thrown out of the App Store and your developer account revoked.

u need to create a repo. or send them to MMi’s collection

to make a repo read Saurik’s Guide: Here

Or read the easier guide that MYI made for us at: Here

to submit a package to the MMI repo, try the Developer Portal:

Some info regarding paid packages:

Basically, all the content in your theme must be your own original work. All the graphics / sounds must be created and owned by you. If you have further questions, drop a note to the admins:

Despite of the title you seem to ask about submission rather than (or in addition to) building. I’d consider this the one best reference:

It is from Cydia itself and includes sschunara’s links and other BigBoss references plus more.