How do you plan the national day for programmers?

To the National Day holiday, National Day tourism is the golden period, but also we buy buy buy happiness, as a technology development, in addition to the holiday travel abroad also don’t forget to improve myself, ready to study plan, make their vacation in the travel to relax and gain more than others!

1, a distributed architecture course – the combination of
features: the combination by Wu Shuicheng teacher “Dubbo based distributed system architecture” combat “+ micro service architecture of the distributed transaction solution” 2 sets of fine and super tutorial.

2, micro distributed transaction service architecture solutions (Dubbo distributed transaction)

features: How do you plan the national day for programmers?
sample project micro payment system based on open source implementation, using Dubbo as a service framework, distributed transaction implementation tutorial solutions in the Java system in the micro service system architecture can be generic, has nothing to do with specific development framework. The tutorial sample project uses the technologies and the corresponding environment: Dubbo, Spring, SpringMVC, MyBatis, Druid, JDK7 (or JDK8), MySQL5.6, Tomcat

3, Dubbo based distributed system architecture, combat

How do you plan the national day for programmers?


4, further large data architect Road,
How do you plan the national day for programmers?

won the 400 thousand annual salary features: focuses on the use of big data in the first scheme in the enterprise, for each component, in addition to operating essentials introduced must master the skills of the design and application of a key introduction of different business scenarios. Is not the same as most of the manual declaimer.

5, from scratch building small Internet Co background service architecture and operation and maintenance of
How do you plan the national day for programmers?

features: architecture is mainly on how to build from scratch in small Internet Co background service architecture and operational architecture, involved in the content are the most widely used techniques and tools.

6, 100 traffic business details page system real – cache architecture + high availability architecture + micro service architecture
features: large business details page complete system architecture: no longer just focus on cache architecture details page architecture part of the electricity supplier, but on the whole process of the whole link, a complete framework, design and development of complete the architecture, including the dynamic rendering system, OneService system, front page, large project operation and maintenance of four parts

7, Elasticsearch’s top master series – package
features: “Elasticsearch top master series – package” is the gold medal Lecturer: Chinese fir stone, speaker of the “Elasticsearch top master series – QuickStart” + “Elasticsearch top master series – master the advanced course is composed of two sets of”

8, spring and Dubbo distributed REST services development actual combat
features: a detailed demonstration of an application from single block architecture to vertical application architecture, and then to the evolution of distributed service architecture. This paper introduces how to design RESTful API in the framework of front and rear separation. The final system provides the REST style HTTP service externally, and the internal vertical applications share stateless Java services over the dubbo. The entire system can be seamlessly extended across the Web and service layers.

9, big data – Spark based machine learning – intelligent customer system project
How do you plan the national day for programmers?

combat features: according to the map, the project will be divided into three parts. The basic idea of the project is how the crawler crawling large amounts of data into Hbase, and then through the ETL conversion tool preliminary screening will save the data to the mongodb, from mongodb data cleaning model is calculated in hdfs. The data in which the data is computed by model calculations. The project system mainly includes the frontend + backend + machine learning, React Native Native, the front-end, back-end using Dubbo+Spring+java, machine learning using Spark implementation, the project machine learning -spark code running on mesos.

10, MySQL
How do you plan the national day for programmers?

large distributed cluster features: emphasis on data segmentation in detail rich explanation, based on the principle of data segmentation, one step further to understand the data segmentation, through in-depth understanding of a variety of segmentation strategy to design and optimize our system. In this section, we also use database middleware and client components for data segmentation, so that the majority of users can segmentation of data, from theory to practice, there will be a qualitative leap.

11, in-depth understanding of the Java virtual machine (JVM + + virtual memory performance tuning model
How do you plan the national day for programmers?

machine principle) features: the history of the development of the virtual machine, virtual machine memory structure, object allocation and recovery as well as byte code, many aspects of class loading and in-depth analyses of Java virtual machine. Based on JDK7 to explain, the environment is to use the latest version of jdk8.

12, the architects of the JAVA-ACE- series of video courses – RocketMQ
How do you plan the national day for programmers?

features: high-end Architect Engineer Java, the mainstream of the Internet application technology, application architecture design

13, Spring Cloud
Spring Cloud first quarter features: Based on Netflix, including registration service discovery (Eureka), the client load balancing (Ribbon & Feign), circuit breaker (Hystrix), intelligent routing (Zuul)

14, Spring Boot complete
features: Spring Boot is a new framework provided by the Pivotal team, designed to simplify the initial construction and development process of new Spring applications. The framework is configured in a specific way so that developers no longer need to define boilerplate configurations. This course is based on spring-boot-1.4.x, which teaches you how to do updates and upgrades.

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