How do I get the real .height() of a overflow: hidden or overflow: scroll div?

I have a question regarding how to get a div height. I’m aware of .height() and innerHeight(), but none of them does the job for me in this case. The thing is that in this case I have a div that is overflown width a overflow: scroll and the div has a fixed height.

If I use .height() or innerHeight(), both of them gives me the height of the visible area, but if I want the overflown taken in to account, how do I go about?

DIV Overflow DataSrc Hidden Scroll Not Working

Ok. I’m having an issue with a DIV not hiding the overflow-x of a dataSrc. How can I get the overflow-x to be hidden and overflow-y to scroll? <style type=text/css> #thediv { overflow-x:hidden

Jquery, get div width when overflow: hidden;

How can I get a div width when the div is inside another div with overflow: hidden; ? I tried to set overflow as auto and after using $(#divselector).width() but I always get the parent div width!

Scroll if div is hidden by overflow

I’m looking detect when a div with class ‘.selected’ is below the bottom of its container div (hidden by overflow:hidden). If it is, scroll down the contents of the container to reveal the next ‘page’

Jquery – Check: If scroll possible (div with overflow:scroll)

I have a little div with the css rules width: 100px; height:100px; overflow-y: scroll; overflow-x: hidden; How can i check -> if div scroll possible (aktiv)? A little example.

overflow-y:hidden and overflow-x:hidden but how do I scroll down without the scroll bar

I am trying to make a site similar to this You can scroll down with out the scroll bar just using the scroll arrow. I’ve tried setting overflow-x and y hidden but when I tri

show remaining content – DIV with overflow: hidden

how can I show hidden content of div with overflow: hidden using JavaScript ? Example: to scroll down programatically ?

overflow hidden auto-scroll

Anyone know how can I set auto-scroll (with loop) in div with overflow:hidden; ? Example <div class=container style=width:500px; max-width:500px; height:100px; max-height:100px; background:#F00;

What does overflow:hidden do besides hiding a scroll?

What does overflow:hidden do besides hiding a scroll? I fixed one issue just by an accident adding overflow:hidden. I thought it just makes scroll invisible. What else does it do? I couldn’t find any

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I have a list of elements within a overflow hidden div. So not all elements are visible. Now, if an element gets activated, it should become visible within the div. How do I scroll to the active eleme

overflow:hidden and % height

I am creating a page where I do not want any fixed px height and also use overflow:hidden. My HTML is of the form; <div class=scrollable fl> …Some content </div> The CSS is defined as


Use the .scrollHeight property of the DOM node: $(‘#your_div’)[0].scrollHeight

Other possibility would be place the html in a non overflow:hidden element placed ‘out’ of screen, like a position absolute top and left lesse then 5000px, then read this elements height. Its ugly, but work well.

For more information about .scrollHeight property refer