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I’m sending mail from Jenkins to an anonymous SMTP relay internally. That relay then securely sends mail to exchange online via TLS on port 587. The transport works perfectly, the issue is that Microsoft requires the Sender address match the authentication credentials login name which is the same as the account email address. For example sake, say this is [email protected] How can I make jenkins always send mail from [email protected]?

BTW when I say the transport works perfectly what I mean specifically is that I can drop a formatted e-mail file into the “Pickup” directory on the SMTP relay server and it is properly sent to any recipient provided the From address is [email protected]

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I’m not sure if it is what you meant, but Jenkins enables you to provide a full Sender E-mail Address for notifications. Go to Manage jenkins, then System configuration and find section called E-mail Notification.

You can provide you email address in a form of Jenkins <[email protected]>.

Jenkins uses the System Admin e-mail address as the sender address for e-mail notification. You can configure this under Manage Jenkins -> Configure System. This is under the Jenkins Location header on that page! It is not immediately obvious that this setting is tied to the e-mail notification settings, since it is not under the E-mail notification header on the configuration page.

Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Jenkins Location -> System Admin e-mail address

You can search the page for “Jenkins Location” to change the default value of address not configured yet to whatever you want.

If you need to do this without using the jenkins UI (for instance in automating a jenkins setup) – you can do so with a groovy script.

import jenkins.model.*

def jenkinsLocationConfiguration = JenkinsLocationConfiguration.get()

jenkinsLocationConfiguration.setAdminAddress("[your admin name] <[your admin email address]>")
// example format -> .setAdminAddress("Jane Doe <[email protected]>")

Do note: I did not write this script (although I have tested it and it works), all credit to Peter Halliday and his website with other helpful groovy scripts here.

Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Jenkins Location -> System Admin e-mail address

You can search the page for “Jenkins Location” to change the default value of address not configured yet to whatever you want.